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Video – Inside Mayweather Vs Pacquiao: Episode 1

The first episode of “Inside Mayweather Vs Pacquiao” is up.

It’s really a shame that because of the HBO/Showtime negotiations, neither can use their specific hype shows to promote this fight. And really, all we needed was 24/7.

Instead, HBO and Showtime both have their own specials, with Showtime’s specifically targeted toward Mayweather, and HBO’s “At Last” documentary looking even more one-sided toward Pacquiao.

If there was a fight that didn’t need help selling, it’s this one, but there was an opportunity to make the fight even more interesting than it already is. And that’s where “Inside Mayweather Vs Pacquiao” fails.

Instead, we’ve all seen it before. It’s not even really about Manny Pacquiao at all. It’s Floyd’s show. What’s good about the first episode is that it is more about the fight than Floyd’s riches, but there’s only so much to discuss. Instead, they go back into time and discuss Floyd’s relationship with his father and how that affected his amateur career. It’s great to see old footage, but I’m not sure it really helped tell whatever story they’re trying to tell.

We know Floyd’s the best. And that’s going to sell the fight itself. But what we need from specials like this is to know that Pacquiao is good enough to beat the best. Without that, it’s simply Showtime sucking up to Floyd Mayweather.

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