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Throwback Thursday Video – Sugar Ray Leonard Beats Wilfred Benítez

Sugar Ray Leonard Beats Wilfred Benítez

Via Sugar Ray Leonard's website

This week’s Throwback Thursday takes a look at Sugar Ray Leonard’s WBC welterweight title victory.

Duan and I are set to record the first episode of The Fabulous Four podcast (working title), which is going to cover all the fights between Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran, and Tommy Hearns. If all goes well, the first episode will be out next week.

If there was a fifth fabulous fighter, it would’ve been Wilfred Benítez who not only fought Leonard, but also fought (and beat) Duran before losing to Hearns.

It was November of 1979. Wilfred Benítez was defending his welterweight title, his second in two weight divisions. This would be Ray’s first foray into the fifteenth round.

He was probably winning the fight, but in his book, “The Big Fight: My Life In And Out Of The Ring”, Ray said that Angelo Dundee told him to fight like an animal in the last round.

He did.

In Ray’s words:

Sugar Ray Leonard Beats Wilfred Benítez

I’m not sure that he was helpless as you can hear Howard Cosell pleading that Benítez be given a chance to finish, but it was a decisive victory for Ray.

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