Throwback Thursday Video – Hagler Vs Hearns

We’re throwing back to one of the greatest fights in the history of boxing.

On Wednesday, boxing fans everywhere celebrated the 30th anniversary of Hagler vs Hearns. It’s one of the most crackin’ fights you’ll ever see from two of the best to ever lace the gloves up.

As you may already know if you frequent this website, Duan and I have started a new podcast project on The Fabulous Four and we’ll actually discuss this fight in heavy detail in several months.

The great thing about this video is that you don’t only get the fight. You get the lead up to the fight with Al Michaels narrating why they are fighting, what’s stopped them before, where they’ve been, and what made them great.

There’s no flashy entrances or slick production. It’s simply a tremendous broadcaster telling a simple story.

I asked Duan his quick memories of the bout and here’s what he said:

When we introduced The Fabulous Four Podcast this week, I called Hagler/Hearns the peak of that era, and I truly believe that’s what it was. If I only had ten minutes to convince somebody to be a boxing fan, this is the bout I would show them. In those two and a half rounds alone, you get just as many twists and turns and just as much drama as you would from even the best 15-round war. It is simply the greatest short fight of all-time and one of the greatest fights ever full stop. These are two masters of the sweet science, still in their respective primes, and holding nothing back. You have great fights and you have important fights; this was both.

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