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The Ultimate Fighter: American Top Team Vs Blackzilians – Uros Jurisic Vs Luiz “Buscape” Firmino

American Top Team vs Blackzilians

It’s episode two of The Ultimate Fighter: American Top Team Vs Blackzilians.

There’s already tons of trash talking in the house, mostly done by Hayder Hassan.

ATT chose Uros Jurisic to fight. Dan Lambert says he’s improving a lot. He said that he’s still a student in Slovenia.

The Blackzilians chose Luiz Firmino who goes by the nickname of Buscape. His family is still in Brazil, his daughter included. He looks like a Nog brother.

At the fighter’s house gym, Jason Jackson and Kamaru Usman (who won the first fight) from the Blackzilians, had a tiff. Usman screamed at him to do the drill right and they were arguing and Usman kicked the door and had to leave. He later took responsibility for the argument. It was the quickest resolution ever.

At the stare down, Lambert and Glenn Robinson started talking trash. Lambert ridiculed him for his “tough guy” look even though he’s not a tough guy.

Dana’s trying to play it off as this huge feud, but compared to something like Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen, it’s not really in the same ball park. And really, it doesn’t seem like Robinson would stand a chance against Lambert.

Uros Jurisic Vs Luis “Buscape” Firmino

Both guys come out swinging hard. Buscape decided against standing and went for the takedown. Jurisic went for a guillotine, but Buscape pulled his head out and was inside his guard. Buscape was able to land punches from the top even though he couldn’t pass. He was perched high and throwing bombs. Jurisic scurried late, but from the positional standpoint, this was all Buscape.

They tied up, but Buscape took him down again. Back on their feet, Jurisic was on his bicycle again and tried for the defensive guillotine, which didn’t work the first time and didn’t work this time either. He ended up back on his back, taking punches from the top and overall just being overwhelmed. He got up with Buscape still holding onto him with a body lock, but he was back against the cage. He went down again. Buscape should win both rounds quite easily.

Winner: Luis “Buscape” Firmino

All three judges scored it 20-18 for Buscape.

The Blackzilians retain home gym advantage and lead 50-0 in points. Dana thought the fight sucked and said he thought the referee did a bad job by not standing them up with all the time on the ground.

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