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Premier Champions Boxing Live Coverage – Danny Garcia Vs Lamont Peterson

PBC’s second show on NBC features Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson in the main event.

The story of the two top fights on this card is weight. In the main event between Garcia and Peterson, Garcia’s 140 pound titles aren’t at stake because the fight is a 143 pound catch weight. And in the semi-main, Andy Lee’s middleweight title (the same one Peter Quillin gave up) won’t be on the line because Quillin failed to make weight by .6 pounds.

The weight issue didn’t come into play with Lee and Quillin. Lee was knocked down twice, though the second one looked was suspect as their feet were tangled up. But Lee put Quillin down later in the fight. I thought the judges would slightly lean Quillin, but it was a split draw. The scores were 113-112, 112-113, and 113-113. Kind of wondering how the judge with the 113-113 scorecard judged the fight.

Danny Garcia Vs Lamont Peterson

Round 1

Garcia is wearing leopard trunks giraffe print trunks and bright yellow shoes. Peterson is wearing Kobe Elites as his boxing shoes. Lots of jabbing and moving by Peterson so I’d probably lean his way on the round, but nothing much happened in the round.

Round 2

Peterson is still moving and jabbing. Garcia landed the best and cleanest non-jab of the round, so I’ll give him the round. But the first two rounds are really toss-ups.

Round 3

It now seems that Peterson’s movement and defense may be frustrating Garcia. Garcia looked out of range badly on a couple of punch attempts. It’s occasions like this that makes you wish for smaller rings.

Round 4

Reminds me of the old Martin Lawrence joke when he was a young amateur boxer. He said his coach used to say was he was never going to get hit, but he was also never going to hit anyone. That’s Peterson right now. Garcia can’t touch him, but he’s also not doing much against Garcia. One of them has to blink right?

Round 5

Garcia threw a couple of nice right hands, one that looked like it landed, but Peterson came back with a nice combination of his own. Round was still fairly close, but I’ll give it to Garcia for being more active. Not sure that anything is landing all that cleanly, or hard, by either guy.

Round 6

Garcia is starting to pick up the pace and it’s not to say that the fight is starting to get good, but it’s much better than it was the first two rounds from an action standpoint. Garcia is able to go to the body, which is opening up Peterson a bit more. I have it at three rounds apiece right now.

Round 7

For some reason, Peterson is now fighting Danny’s fight. It was the best action round of the fight and Peterson stood in there with him for some exchanges and even landed a nice right hand. He was warned for the second time for holding the back of Garcia’s head.

Round 8

Peterson was the stalker in the round, attacking Garcia which seemed to surprise him. Peterson was all over him and while he didn’t land a lot, he landed some and put Garcia on the defensive. I gave the round to Peterson and again have the fight split in half.

Round 9

This has turned into a super close fight and with those throwaway first two rounds, I’m a bit worried with the scoring since it clearly seems this is going the distance. Garcia probably edges this round, but Peterson is starting to try and make him look bad. Not sure if that’s going to be good or bad for him with the judges.

Round 10

More clowning from Peterson which is taking away some ample opportunities for him to win this fight since he was doing his best when he was walking Garcia down and busting him with right hands. Garcia may have won this one too.

Round 11

Peterson’s now walking Garcia down again. He was holding Garcia’s head and Garcia had enough of it and pushed him, causing Peterson to fall. Both landed strong punches, but Garcia seems to be bothered every time Peterson ties him up. Peterson won this round and on my card, if he wins the next, we would have another draw.

Round 12

Peterson closed more strongly than Garcia did. And Garcia’s face is quite marked up. This one could go either way, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see Peterson get the decision. I have it as a draw.

Winner: Danny Garcia by way of majority decision

One judge had it like I did at 114-114 but two others had it 115-113 for Garcia.

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