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Premier Boxing Champions – Adonis Stevenson Vs Sakio Bika Live Coverage

Adonis Stevenson vs Sakio Bika live

Via Premier Boxing Champions

Adonis Stevenson vs Sakio Bika live
Via Premier Boxing Champions
PBC makes its debut on CBS this afternoon.

It took Sakio Bika two times to make weight in his debut at 175. I watched him fight Andre Ward in person several years ago and he’s a do whatever it takes kind of guy. He’ll be rough and he’ll make it hard for Stevenson. But this is where we’ll find out how much better Stevenson is. If he’s a class better like we think he is, he should beat a fighter of Bika’s level. He says he’s going to put him away.

Adonis Stevenson Vs Sakio Bika Live Coverage

Round 1

It’s your normal feel out round. If you think of boxing as a dance, the first round was a bad warm up. Both guys were stepping into each other and unable to extend their arms on their punches. I’m surprised we didn’t see a clashing of the heads. Bika missed a wild right hand near the end of the round.

Round 2

Stevenson started to land a couple shots that definitely moved Bika. Bika decided to stand right in front of him and stick his tongue out. If he stands in front of him like that, it might not be a good night for him.

Round 3

Bika finally caught Stevenson, but it was with a punch to the back of the head. Looks like it affected Stevenson for a short while. Whenever they got in close, Stevenson gets the better of it as he doesn’t need to load up to display power like Bika does.

Round 4

Bika’s trying to make it rough for Stevenson, but he’s not doing a good enough job. He can’t really get close enough to do the rough stuff and when he does, Stevenson is quicker to the shots.

Round 5

That was Stevenson’s best round. He put Bika down, but it wasn’t ruled a knockdown. And he’s starting to land that left-hand at will. Bika’s a stationary target with some head movement, but that’s not enough today.

Round 6

Stevenson finally scored the knockdown with a left. Bika is saying their feet tangled (which has been happening since the beginning) and it does look like the knockdown came from stepping on Stevenson’s foot. There were better shots from Stevenson during the round. A lot of it is Bika’s fault because he’s simply off-balanced.

Round 7

Bika landed a nice right hand and also a couple of body shots, but otherwise, it was the same type of round for Stevenson. Stevenson landed a nice combination, finished with a right cross.

Round 8

Bika probably did his best job all night making it his kind of round. Stevenson also took a bit of that round off.

Round 9

Stevenson finally got him. He hit Bika with a shot that pushed him back and then immediately put him on the floor. The first shot came with Bika was off-balanced after throwing a punch that missed, but the second was Stevenson beating Bika to the punch. He might be able to put him away in round 10.

Round 10

Welp, he didn’t get him. Bika hung in there even though he didn’t do much. Bika’s tough, but this is not the right style of fight for him.

Round 11

Stevenson had some opportunities but laid off the gas pedal a bit. I wonder if he goes for the KO in the 12th?

Round 12

Stevenson was mostly goofing around in the round. Bika landed some nice right hands with Stevenson backed up against the ropes. Stevenson was playing to the crowd. Bika landed his two best right hands of the fight in the round. There was a late headbutt that happened because of the goofing off.

Winner: Adonis Stevenson by unanimous decision

The scorecards weren’t as wide as I thought they’d be. They were 115-111, 116-110, and 115-110. At most, Sakia could’ve won 3 rounds, and with the knockdown, the worst case scenario is that Stevenson wins by 7 points.

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