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Review: Booker T Sentenced To Greatness

Booker T sentenced to greateness

WWE Network hits another one out of the park with their 24 series, “Booker T Sentenced To Greatness.”

While PPVs and their library of content have been the driving force behind people subscribing to the WWE Network, the true gem of the network isn’t NXT. NXT is a quality wrestling show and I’ve watched every episode since the network debuted.

But the true gem is in their WWE Network-specific documentary series. The early documentaries like the one on the Ultimate Warrior after he passed, Daniel Bryan after last year’s WrestleMania, The Shield before SummerSlam, and most recently, one on the Usos were all excellent. Those weren’t under the 24 banner, which recently did a piece on WrestleMania 30.

The Booker T thirty-minute documentary is the second under the 24 banner, which you can watch now on the Network.

The key to all of the documentaries produced by the Network so far is the production quality, but also the access to the wrestlers outside of the ring. It gives them depth to see what they’re like outside of their character.

In this case, Booker T, his wife Sharmell, his brother Stevie Ray, and his older sisters all come off very well in the piece. They are all so likeable and show true love in talking about Booker. Booker doesn’t hide from his past as it’s all part of the rise.

If there’s anything to complain about, it would be the length of the piece. At only thirty minutes, you don’t get to see smaller details that you might hope to see such as more about his start with the Global Wrestling Federation or even his current wrestling school. You get glimpses of them, but wish you had more of it.

Most people watching the Network will know most of his WWE run, but I also thought they glossed through his WCW run, which was really special if you think about it because of the political warfare that was going on at the time. When you took those guys out of the conversation and talent was allowed to rise to the top, he was one of the main guys.

The documentary has a certain charm to it that will keep you smiling all the way through. Even though I wished it was longer, it was so good, that it’s really a small qualm.

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