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Premier Boxing Champions – Robert Guerrero Vs Keith Thurman Live Coverage

Robert Guerrero vs Keith Thurman live

It’s the first Premier Boxing Champions card back in primetime on NBC.

The show has a lot of spectacle with a big stage, flashy entrances, and Laila Ali. There isn’t an actual ring announcer, but a voice booms over the loudspeakers. It seems to be an unnecessary change.

Adrien Broner and John Molina Jr. had a lackluster fight. Broner was simply a level above and Molina’s style was far too predictable. This is really all you need to see.

The scores were 120-108, 120-108, and 118-110 all in favor of Adrien Broner.

Robert Guerrero Vs Keith Thurman Live Coverage

Round 1

Guerrero’s getting caught lunging a bit. But both guys are landing big shots early on. Thurman is more aggressive while Guerrero is doing more countering. Thurman got the first.

Round 2

Guerrero landed his best shot so far with what looked to be an uppercut of sorts to the solar plexus. But other than that, it was all Thurman. He’s too fast for Guerrero right now. Guerrero’s going to have to take some hard punches and hope that Thurman wears down a bit.

Round 3

Better round for Guerrero. They clashed heads later in the round and Thurman developed a big hematoma on the left side of his head. The round was close and it’s possible Ghost took that one.

Round 4

It was another really good round for Thurman. He landed the two best punches in the round; a straight right down the pipe and a right hand just as Guerrero dropped his left hand for a split second. Guerrero has trouble sitting on his punches as he gets the worst in the toe-to-toe.

Round 5

Guerrero may have stolen that one in the last minute with some great counter punching. He finally threw the right hook to target the hematoma on Thurman’s head.

Round 6

That was Thurman’s best round. He was unloading on Guerrero who was ripe for big shots. Guerrero got in a few nice counters, but with nowhere near the power. I have Thurman up 4-2.

Round 7

Thurman stayed far more on the outside in the 7th. Not sure if he wanted to rest a bit, or if he’s decided that he’s up by a lot. Guerrero couldn’t really catch him and was still getting hit.

Round 8

The first two minutes of the round were really boring with neither guy doing anything, but they picked it up at the end. Guerrero was doing a nice job going to the body, but he was rocked with a right hand late.

Round 9

Thurman put Guerrero down for a nine count. Guerrero’s left eye was spitting out blood. Guerrero hung on, but barely. The straight right landed big while Guerrero was trying to hold on in the corner.

Round 10

Guerrero turned the 10th into the kind of round that he’s wanted all along and for some reason, Thurman allowed it. They fought inside and against the ropes for nearly the entire round. They were both digging with uppercuts and short shots on the inside. I gave Guerrero the 10th.

Round 11

Guerrero tried to repeat the previous round, but Kenny Bayless didn’t let them fight on the ropes. He broke them. Thurman stayed on the outside, fighting a much safer round.

Round 12

Guerrero is exhausted. But he’s won over this crowd by hanging in there and pushing Thurman. He won the round and pushed Thurman to his absolute limit. I have Guerrero winning just four rounds, but Thurman gets an extra point because of the knockdown.

I have the fight 116-111, but I think it will be wider than that.

Winner: Keith Thurman

The judges has it 120-107, 118-109, and 118-108.

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