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Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Press Conference Notes

Mayweather vs Pacquiao press conference

Mayweather vs Pacquiao press conference

If you missed the Mayweather Vs Pacquiao press conference in LA, we have some notes for you.

Michael Buffer introduced Manny Pacquiao first and Jimmy Lennon Jr. introduced Floyd Mayweather second.

Next was a pretty serious staredown that lasted almost a minute. All you saw was camera flashes.

Leonard Ellerbe came out to speak, which means he’s reading off a paper and sometimes doing it badly.
– He brings up the meeting at the Heat game as a major milestone in getting the fight done.
– He also recognizes Les Moonves, Al Haymon, Bob Arum, Stephen Espinoza, Ken Hershman, and others.
– He introduces Richard Sturm, president of MGM. Sturm doesn’t say much.

Ellerbe introduces Bob Arum, who makes sure to shake hands with Mayweather.
– Arum compares this fight to the Super Bowl and Olympics, meaning all the world-wide attention they’re receiving.
– Arum says people didn’t expect the fight to be made because of the animosity and says everyone has been cordial and says everyone is family. Sure. He calls out Floyd Sr. and then said they’ve been friends forever.
– Arum introduces Ken Hershman, president of HBO Sports.

– He goes over the 9 PPV events Floyd has main evented and the 17 PPV fights that Manny has main evented.

Ellerbe introduces Stephen Espinoza:
– Espinoza says that Floyd has always wanted to bring the the best fights to the table, and Manny was always high on his list.
– He brings up the last time the fight got close, including the drug testing clause.

Arum comes back up and says to Stephen that everyone has their own opinions, which cracks up Floyd. Arum then says, “You missed me didn’t you Floyd?” He was also cracking up.

Arum then introduces Freddie Roach:
– Roach says this is a great challenge and says they are in for the toughest fight of their life against probably the greatest fighter in the world and says they’re going to kick his ass. Then he apologizes to Floyd. Floyd clapped.

Arum introduces Manny (and gives his own history of the Filipino people):
– Manny thanks HBO, Showtime, Mayweather’s team, Team Pacquiao, and says he believes this fight is what everyone’s been waiting for, for the past five years.
– He wants to make the fans happy and glorify the lord’s name.

Ellerbe introduces Floyd Mayweather Sr., but he’s not going to speak. He just got up and sat back down. Ellerbe then introduces Floyd Jr.:
– Floyd firstly thanks his father. Calls him an unbelievable trainer and person.
– He thanks Showtime, MGM Grand, the social media outlets, the fans, Team Pacquiao, and Top Rank.
– He calls Al Haymon a remarkable guy. Also shows love to Ellerbe.
– He calls it the fight of the century. Calls Pacquiao one of the best fighters of the era and he thinks this is the best time for the fight.
– Their game plan is to be smart and take it one fight at a time.
– The world can’t miss this fight and it’s an unbelievable matchup and action packed fight.
– He’s never wanted to win a fight so bad in his life. Says Manny wants to win just as badly as he does.
– He says that when you lose, it’s in your mind.
– He thanks more people like Espinoza, Sturm, Arum, and Team Pacquiao.
– He then calls it the biggest fight in boxing history.

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