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Throwback Thursday Video – The Last American To Beat Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather hasn’t lost a boxing match since the 1996 Olympics. But who is the last American to beat Floyd Maywweather?

The Boxing News website recently published an article on Augie Sanchez who beat Mayweather when both were amateurs. They fought four times and Sanchez won one of them. It was Floyd’s last loss to an American fighter. Floyd eventually beat him to go to the 1996 Olympics (YouTube video of that fight).

Sanchez also had a decent pro career, which was stalled when he faced Prince Naseem Hamed in the 2000 bout above. Hamed’s entrance was fantastic, coming out to Black Rob’s (Bad Boy) “Whoa”.

In the second round, Sanchez puts Hamed down with a straight right, but the referee waived it off because he stepped on his foot in the process, though you can’t really tell. It definitely looked like a knockdown. There was another slip in the round and Hamed caught Sanchez with a left-hand when Sanchez stopped fighting. He really never came back from that shot.

Lampley is selling Sanchez hard since part of what made Hamed so interesting is that people just wanted to see him knocked out. Hamed picks up his pace in the third, throwing lunging power shots that connect solidly. By the fourth, Hamed is picking him apart and blistering him with shots until he finally puts him down. Even though the fight is called off, Sanchez still desperately tries to get up. He would eventually be taken away on a stretcher.

It’s a blistering four round fight and worth your viewing.

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