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Throwback Thursday Video – Brock Lesnar Vs Frank Mir I

Will Brock Lesnar go back to the UFC this spring?

With his WWE contract up after WrestleMania 31, just a few weeks ago, the rumors had him going back to the UFC to face Frank Mir for the third time. Now? Well, with the WWE Network doing better than before, it’s possible the WWE can now afford his contract again.

But no one will know until close to WrestleMania because Lesnar plays his cards close to the vest.

With Mir facing Alistair Overeem this weekend, the UFC put his first fight with Lesnar on their YouTube channel for free.

The fight happened on February 2, 2008. Mir was five fights into his comeback from a motorcycle accident that happened just three months after beating Tim Sylvia for his first heavyweight championship. His comeback was up and down, going two and two, losing to Marcio Cruz and Brandon Vera and not really putting up much of a fight in the process. But after beating Antoni Hardonk, he claimed that he was back.

Lesnar was a complete MMA novice. He’d faced Min-Soo Kim at a K-1 show before signing with the UFC and being thrown into the fire against Mir.

I remember the match being the most exciting MMA brawl that quickly turned scientific that I’d ever seen. It was also the best lesson Brock Lesnar could’ve learned. Frank Mir caught Lesnar on this night, but Lesnar would get his revenge at UFC 100

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