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Stone Cold Podcast Recap Featuring Triple H

Stone Cold Podcast recap

Stone Cold Podcast recap

We’re recapping Stone Cold Steve Austin’s second live podcast on the WWE Network.

They start off the show by talking about the free month on the WWE Network, which everyone who is watching the show already knows about.

Austin immediately turns to the Royal Rumble, saying that the fans were hotter than a firecracker about the finish of the match. He asks how you book a match these days when kayfabe is dead. Triple H tries to explain how fans are smarter and then says that Austin was a heel 90% of the time during his run, which is tremendously off. Austin was the biggest babyface of all time when it came to never cowering and always standing up against the heels. So, Triple H is immediately off from jump street.

Triple H says that the beauty of what they do is that Vince McMahon calls the shots in response to Austin’s question about Roman Reigns being put in a position to fail. He didn’t say it that way, but that’s what he was leading towards in a nice way. Austin talks about tonight’s Raw, which they are hyping as a possibly a changing of the story lines with Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns having a match for Reigns’ title shot.

Triple H says that the hardest thing to do is make someone a good guy these days. (That’s understandable because they are trying to “make” someone a good guy rather than just letting them be themselves. Bryan is a fantastic babyface.) Austin asks if people are more concerned with what’s going on behind the scenes than in the ring. The irony of that question is that this podcast is exactly that – it’s more interesting to the hardcore fans than Raw. Triple H says sometimes, but it’s when the story telling in the ring isn’t good. He uses Daniel Bryan’s story line from last year as an example of a story that changed as it was going based on the crowd reaction.

Triple H says he hears from people that Roman isn’t ready. He said that no one is ready when that time comes. He said that because they are weekly and never ending, the book never ends so you can’t knock the story because it’s continuing. If he really believed that, you can’t knock it ever since it never ends.

They talk about Triple H’s passion with the behind the scenes and said that even if he never met Stephanie McMahon, he thinks he’d still be doing what he’s doing behind the scenes because he loves it so much and was always interested in it. He says he gets a buzz from working with the young talent at NXT and helping them get to the point of where the light bulb turns on.

He talks about WWE as a wrestling style using a football analogy. They have a specific playbook. Other companies use different playbooks. But they have to learn WWE’s playbook if they are going to be in the company.

Austin asks Triple H how he designed the template for NXT and who the show is for. Triple H says it’s for a core group of hardcore fans and thus, he books the show for that kind of audience. He admits to scripting less for the NXT crew. It’s a smaller microscope and they can fail on NXT. He wants to put NXT on the road.

The discussion turns to the proverbial brass ring. Triple H tries to defend Roman Reigns as someone who works hard, but it’s not just about working hard or being nice. But it is part of it, especially if you’re the top guy. He said John Cena is the top guy and works harder than anyone else. So he kind of talked in a circle there.

In a crazy twist, Austin asks Triple H if Chyna will ever go into the Hall Of Fame. Triple H thinks that she should be in the Hall Of Fame based on her career. He says it’s not that easy because of what she’s done outside of the business and uses his 8-year old searching on the Internet as the example. It’s a very hypocritical statement if what he’s saying keeps her out is her porn career, considering they had Val Venis playing a porno star. And it will be more hypocritical when X-Pac goes into the Hall Of Fame considering Pac was in the porno with Chyna.

Austin asks him who was harder to get into the Hall Of Fame between Bruno Sammartino and the Ultimate Warrior. Triple H said Warrior because they had no trust and needed to build it. Austin then asked him who was more influential between DX and NWO. Triple H said the early incarnation of the NWO was more influential, but over the long term, DX was more influential for the business.

Triple H would have a match with Buddy Rogers if he could have a match with anyone. Austin asks Triple H about CM Punk. He said that CM Punk is a weird cat because he has odd communication skills, but doesn’t think he has a personal beef with him. He said if WWE wasn’t his passion any longer, then he shouldn’t be at WWE, but says he could come back and never say never.

After some word association, they discussed Brock Lesnar’s future in WWE. Triple H says it’s about what Brock wants to do. It segued into the Undertaker’s streak and Triple H compared it to the home run record that shouldn’t have been broken, but sees it from both sides. Kevin Dunn tried to wrap it up, but Triple H said he can’t do that and they should get five more minutes.

Austin then asked him about promos and talked about the scripting of the promos. He said some guys like it, some just like bullets, but it’s a trust issue because it’s live TV. When asked what he’d change about Raw, he said he wishes they had more time to tell stories longer. He blamed some of it on the fans who have short attention spans. What’s funny about that is that WWE has made fans that way in a sense. He also said he wishes the women were able to get more time. He teases that he’s going to get back into the ring soon, but wouldn’t say when.

Overall, it wasn’t as groundbreaking (if that’s the right word) as the podcast with Vince, but the second one is usually not as good as the first. I thought some of Triple H’s answers were really non-answers disguised as answers and because he was doing that, he was rambling. But there were other parts that were interesting for sure.

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