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Dana White Press Conference

Dana White press conference

Dana White press conference

We’ll be updating everyone on the Dana White press conference as it happens.

Lorenzo Fertita is reading a statement about their policy. He says that even though they are disappointed, they are catching guys and aren’t immune to what other sports are facing.

He passes it on to Dana White to discuss the recent tests.

He starts talking about Jon Jones. He’s restating the out-of-competition and in-competition differences for recreational drugs, which is why Jones wasn’t punished by the commission.

He moves on to Anderson Silva. He says that they didn’t see Silva’s test until after the fight was over, which has been made public. He says he’s going over this slowly because there are people in the media as well as fans who don’t understand.

He said that had Silva’s test came in before the fight, the fight would not go on. They would never sully the integrity of the sport because of a single fighter or fight.

He also announced that Rory MacDonald and Robbie Lawler would be fighting on July 11.

The UFC will advocate that state commissions test every fighter on every card in-competition. The UFC will absorb any additional costs.

The UFC will institute out-of-competition random PED testing for every fighter starting on July 1 and a WADA approved organization will do the testing. It will cost them several million dollars per year. They spent $500,000 in 2013/2014.

They are also advocating for larger penalties and longer suspensions including the possibility of 2-4 year bans for first time offenders.

Dana White press conference

Some of the notes coming out of the Q&A portion of the event:

– Fighters won’t know when the tests are coming, whether fights are signed or not.

– They will need to work on the protocols when it comes to the out-of-competition testing and announcing failures. They’ll go with what the athletic commissions normally do when it comes to in-competition announcements.

– Dana says the Anderson Silva positive test opened their eyes about how the sport isn’t clean. He said it will get worse before it gets better, meaning they’re going to lose fights. Lorenzo said the matchmakers will need to be on their toes.

– Dana says that what’s dangerous about PEDs in the UFC is that you have two guys fighting, which is different than “hitting a ball with a stick,” and says that he hates it.

– They insinuate that they’d like to see Bellator also pick it up on PEDs without saying their name.

– They were questioned about their statement early in January, which is that they would not be able to go into a larger drug testing program. Dana disagreed that they said that even though it was a really big story right before Jon Jones’ failure came out. He said it was because the problem was bigger than they thought.

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