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Video – All Access: Stiverne Vs Wilder

The All Access for Bermane Stiverne Vs Deontay Wilder should get you fairly excited for the first big heavyweight bout of 2015.

It’s fairly short at just under 17 minutes, so it’s not a watch in which you’ll have to invest a lot of time. And since both guys haven’t been covered ad nauseam by the media, it’s a refreshing watch as well.

They are very different which makes the video enjoyable. Wilder is loud and braggadocios, though sensitive and emotional. Stiverne is tough, rugged, and calmly confident. The mix of the two personalities should make for an interesting last week of hype.

One of the best scenes in the piece is of Stiverne hanging out with a lot of former champions like Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Marvin Hagler. They don’t say this in the video, but it seemed to me that he thought he fit with those guys, even though his career isn’t nearly as decorated.

Wilder’s long punches and amazing athleticism gives you reason to believe that he can be more than hype. But Stiverne’s quiet confidence and counter punching power makes you think that he can make the big man fall.

After this “All Access”, I’m very compelled to watch the fight, which is exactly what these things are for.

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