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UFC On Fox: Gustafsson Vs Johnson Preview

Gustafsson vs Johnson preview

We have another strong UFC card to look forward to this weekend.

After watching Jon Jones dismantle Daniel Cormier (and his drug test), the only question coming out of that fight was who he was going to face next. That answer is going to be either Alexander Gustafsson who gave Jones his best test yet or Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, who seems like the most powerful 205’er out there.

We’ll preview that big fight and make our predictions for the three other main card fights below.

In addition to the FGB crew, included in our picks are John LaRocca, president of Premier Wrestling, Heidi Fang from MMA Fight Corner, and Alex Goff from Online World Of Wrestling.

Here’s how we’re doing so far:

Jim: 8-1
Alan: 8-1
Heidi: 7-2
John: 7-2
Duan: 7-2
GG: 5-4
Alex: 5-4

Akira Corassani Vs Sam Sicilia

Duan: Akira Corassani
Alan: Akira Corassani
John: Sam Sicilia
Heidi: Akira Corassani
Alex: Akira Corassani
GG: Akira Corassani

Phil Davis Vs Ryan Bader

Duan: Phil Davis
Alan: Phil Davis
John: Phil Davis
Heidi: Phil Davis
Alex: Phil Davis
GG: Phil Davis

Dan Henderson Vs Gegard Mousasi

Duan: Gegard Mousasi
Alan: Gegard Mousasi
John: Dan Henderson
Heidi: Gegard Mousasi
Alex: Gegard Mousasi
GG: Gegard Mousasi

Alexander Gustafsson Vs Anthony Johnson

Duan: Anthony Johnson by 2nd round TKO
I think this is a good style match up for Rumble. I feel he’ll have the edge in speed. He might have the edge in power too. And I just have a sense he’s going to be able to get his shots off first while Gustafsson is left struggling to find the trigger. There’s also the very real risk that Alex already has one eye on another title shot and will be caught napping here. However, this is still Anthony Johnson. Every time his career has looked like it’s taking off, he’s figured out a new way to ground it. This is probably the last chance for him to get things right. If he capitulates in this one, he will never be seen as a serious threat in this division or any other. On paper, I give him the advantage. It’s still a pick I make with very little confidence though.

Heidi: Alexander Gustafsson by 4th round submission
Rumble has put the light heavyweight division on notice in his return to the UFC. That being said, I see Gustafsson letting nothing stand between him and a rematch with Jones. While Johnson has proven to have skills that could stop most men in their tracks, I give the well-rounded “Mauler” the edge.

Alex: Alexander Gustafsson by decision
Of all the picks that I made last year, there is one that really stings. I picked Phil Davis over Rumble Johnson. I remember a young welterweight Rumble Johnson being out-grappled by anyone who had any sort of grappling training. I was sure that Phil Davis would have his way with Rumble. I was not correct. Rumble looked amazing in defeating Phil Davis, then went on to dispatch Lil’ Nog like a championship contender. Now he is literally one fight away from facing the best fighter in the world today. I still think Alexander Gustafsson’s desire to fight Jon one more time will push him past Rumble. With two high level light heavyweights, we are in store for an amazing tough fight!

GG: Alexander Gustafsson by 3rd round submission
I think the way this thing has to go for Gustafsson is that he has to fight smart for the first and maybe second round to tire Johnson out. Once Johnson is tired, I think he’s BBQ chicken. But there’s always the chance that with his power, he’ll be able to knock Gustafsson out. I’m going to lean on Gustafsson fighting smartly and Rumble missing on his chances in the first two rounds. I think we’ll see the rematch later this summer.

Alan: Alexander Gustafsson
John: Alexander Gustafsson

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