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UFC 183 Preview: Silva Vs Diaz

UFC 183 preview

The UFC is looking to go four for four when it comes to strong business in 2015 with UFC 183.

The main event I think is far more compelling on paper than in the cage (and I could be wrong about that), but it still features two of the biggest stars from the past couple of years. And there is intrigue on the undercard when it comes to the welterweight division.

We’ll preview the main event and make our predictions for the four other main card fights below.

In addition to the FGB crew, included in our picks are John LaRocca, president of Premier Wrestling, Heidi Fang from MMA Fight Corner, and Alex Goff from Online World Of Wrestling.

Here’s how we’re doing so far:

Jim: 9-4
Alan: 9-4
Duan: 9-4
Heidi: 8-5
John: 8-5
GG: 6-7
Alex: 6-7

Jordan Mein Vs Thiago Alves

Duan: Jordan Mein
Alan: Thiago Alves
John: Jordan Mein
Heidi: Jordan Mein
Alex: Jordan Mein
Jim: Jordan Mein
GG: Jordan Mein

Thales Leites Vs Tim Boetsch

Duan: Thales Leites
Alan: Thales Leites
John: Thales Leites
Heidi: Tim Boetsch
Alex: Thales Leites
Jim: Thales Leites
GG: Thales Leites

Joe Lauzon Vs Al Iaquinta

Duan: Joe Lauzon
Alan: Joe Lauzon
John: Al Iaquinta
Heidi: Joe Lauzon
Alex: Joe Lauzon
Jim: Al Iaquinta
GG: Al Iaquinta

Tyron Woodley Vs Kelvin Gastelum

Duan: Kelvin Gastelum
Alan: Tyron Woodley
John: Kelvin Gastelum
Heidi: Kelvin Gastelum
Alex: Kelvin Gastelum
Jim: Kelvin Gastelum
GG: Tyron Woodley

Anderson Silva Vs Nick Diaz

Duan: Anderson Silva by 3rd round TKO
Diaz isn’t even a middleweight and he’s fighting the best one there has ever been. You really shouldn’t even be able to get odds on this fight and if it wasn’t for the potentially game-changing injury Silva suffered, you probably couldn’t. Anderson even at 75% will be too much for Diaz, so unless the leg-break has done serious lasting damage, this should be a comfortable win for The Spider and probably inside the distance too.

Everyone is choosing to focus on the Silva comeback story here, but there’s more to this match-up than that. Anderson is actually the one coming off the shorter layoff of the two. Granted, he has also had to go through physical rehabilitation that Diaz hasn’t, but Nick has been sitting on the shelf for nearly two years now. Two years can sometimes be enough for this sport to pass you by. There’s got to be questions over Diaz’s desire to still compete. With Silva, we know the motivation is there because there is no other reason for him to comeback. After an awkward couple of rounds, Anderson will find his mark.

Alan: Anderson Silva by 3rd round TKO
At no point in their respective careers can I envision a way for Nick Diaz to beat Anderson Silva. It’s just a horrible styles match-up for him. On the floor, it could be an interesting matchup but I don’t know how it could end up there. Anderson will have no interest going to the ground, and Nick (despite it being for his own good) will probably be too stubborn to admit his opponent’s superiority standing and attempt a takedown – not that he even has the necessary takedown skills to do that. Silva will leave it go long enough to get a feel for fighting again and test himself, but when he wants to end this, he will.

John: Anderson Silva by 3rd round TKO
Anderson Silva versus Nick Diaz is going to be pure fun for every MMA fan. Diaz’s mean mugging versus Silva’s dancing. I see Silva just being much better than Diaz with the stand up and that is where this fight will remain.

Heidi: Anderson Silva by decision
There are lots of questions and no answers until fight time. If Diaz’s style hasn’t evolved, it’s likely the Spider has an advantage in several departments – size, cutting off angles and strikes from a variety of levels. That is if Silva’s leg and mind can handle the return to the octagon smoothly.

Alex: Anderson Silva by decision
UFC 183 will be headlined by two men who haven’t had a fight since 2013. Nick Diaz who will go down as a good fighter who may be over-shadowed by his interesting personality and head-scratching decisions. Anderson Silva will always be in the debate as one of the greatest fighters of all time. His UFC run will always go down as one of the best. It is easy to talk about both fighters, but due to the time they’ve been out of the cage, it is hard to know what we will see Saturday night. Nick stayed away from the cage, waiting on an interesting fight. Anderson was kept away from a broken leg. Before the broken leg, the once in a generation fighter seemed to have found his match in the new 185 king Chris Weidman. I am picking Silva but I don’t think anyone has the inside on this fight.

Jim: Anderson Silva by late TKO
What can I say about this fight that hasn’t already been said? Nothing. Both guys are coming off long layoffs and the real question is has age and injury caught up to Anderson Silva. I am predicting that even if it has to some degree that he is still able to avoid a lot of Diaz’s punches and land pretty much at will. Silva takes this one rather handily via late round stoppage.

GG: Anderson Silva by 3rd round TKO
I hate to boring here, but I agree with the group. I think Diaz will be quick enough to look good for a round or two, but I think Silva’s overall power will start to wear on Diaz. We know that Diaz also cuts easy and I can see him cutting Diaz over the eye and the fight being stopped because of it. I expect both guys to respect the hell out of each other, but after that first punch lands, I think they’ll go after it.

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