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Showtime Boxing – Stiverne Vs Wilder Live Coverage

Stiverne vs Wilder live

Via ProBoxing-Fans.com

Stiverne vs Wilder live
Via ProBoxing-Fans.com

It’s the first big fight of 2015. Follow along our Stiverne vs Wilder live coverage.

Duan broke down the fight earlier today for those who didn’t see it.

We’ll finally answer the question on how real Deontay Wilder is tonight. Can Wilder live up to lofty expectations or is Stiverne going to break his will?

Stiverne Vs Wilder

Round 1

The round was mostly Wilder leading with the left jab. Stiverne was in control and coming forward, but didn’t really throw many punches. As the round ended, Wilder opened up the arsenal a bit and they slugged it out to end the round. This was Wilder’s round.

Round 2

The round was similar to the first in just about every way. Both guys landed left hooks, which they didn’t really throw in round one. Near the end of the round, Wilder threw rapid fire shots and right as the bell sounded, Stiverne shot a double leg and they both went down. Stiverne had a hard time getting up. Wilder hurt him at the end of the round.

Round 3

That was yet another strong round for Wilder. Stiverne tried going to the body late, but Wilder started to make him miss at the end of the round, showing off his quickness. He has yet to be drawn into an inside fight.

Round 4

Stiverne just won his first round. He was more active and was able to get Wilder against the ropes to follow up with hard shots. He landed a great hook for his best shot of the fight.

Round 5

Stiverne started out well again, but Wilder quickly changed the momentum of the round. He had Stiverne up against the ropes and landed a combination and then their feet got tied up. Stiverne slipped and Wilder pounced with big shots that made Stiverne move back. Wilder was patient and kept his distance.

Round 6

Stiverne landed his inside left hook that stunned Wilder. Wilder looked far less confident in the round and Stiverne may have figured a few things out. I have Wilder up 4-2.

Round 7

Wilder caught Stiverne with a big straight right. I thought he was baiting him inside at first, but it does look like it hurt him. Wilder followed up and tried putting him away, but couldn’t, and went back to staying outside. Stiverne kept coming forward, trying to land the big left. He slipped and nearly fell through the ropes missing a wild right.

Round 8

This round was the hardest to score. Wilder was in full control, but Stiverne landed the biggest shots. I think I’ll lean Stiverne, even if he probably won less than 20 seconds of the round. He landed some really good shots.

Round 9

This was a Wilder round. He was able to still control the fight with his jab and Stiverne couldn’t really do anything this round. After it was over, he did a bit of a shuffle to show the crowd how in control he believe he is. I have him up 6-3. Stiverne either has to win the last three rounds on my card to get a draw and keep his title, or put him on the floor to win it.

Round 10

Stiverne is smartly using his long reach to pick his shots and land his 1-2 combinations. Each time Stiverne is able to get into close rang, Wilder’s too quick and makes him miss. But at the very end of the round, Stiverne made it competitive inside.

Round 11

Stiverne is far too tired now. Wilder is staying on gameplan and not allowing Stiverne to get close to him. Whenever Stiverne loads up, Wilder is out of there. One more round and Wilder should be the champ.

Round 12

Stiverne landed some nice body shots, but couldn’t follow up enough to walk him down. Wilder smartly stayed away. I give the last round to Stiverne, but the overall fight to Wilder 8-4.

Winner: Deontay Wilder by unanimous decision

These are some very wide scores – 118-108, 119-108, 120-107.

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