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Video – New Japan Pro Wrestling On AXS Episode 1

New.Japan.Pro.Wrestling.2015.Jan.16. 720p HD by Anor21

If you missed the first episode of AXS’ New Japan Pro Wrestling show, check it out above.

New Japan Pro Wrestling has been in the news globally more than it has since the mid-90s and is going through a slow resurgence. The Tokyo Dome Show was broadcasted on American PPV providers and included English commentary from Jim Ross and Matt Striker. Also, New Japan World, their version of the WWE Network, debuted over a month ago and fans can watch four decades of New Japan product.

But let’s get to the video. This is the first episode of the new AXS New Japan Pro Wrestling show. Because AXS doesn’t have the best cable penetration, many people didn’t get to see it, which is why we’ve added it above.

This match between Okada and Tanahashi from two years ago, was, in my opinion, the best match of their seven match series (which is saying something). Tanahashi was “THE GUY” and Okada was the “Chosen One” and I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of this feud. Pay attention to the way that they work here with the psychology. The selling is out of this world. It’s a true main event style where moves are protected and spots and transitions are well thought out. In addition, Josh Barnett and Mauro Ranello did an UNBELIEVABLE job of putting the match over as both men are very versed in Japanese culture. Anybody who doubts Mauro’s ability to call pro wrestling after doing MMA and boxing much watch this. If you saw this in 2013, watch it again, and if you haven’t, what the hell are you waiting for?

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