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FGB Radio – Monday Night War Review & Royal Rumble Preview

Monday Night War review

Monday Night War review

GG and Big D discuss the Monday Night War and preview the Royal Rumble.

Since we reviewed every single episode of WWE Network’s series, The Monday Night War, we decided to look back at the series and reflect on what was good and bad about it. We look at all the subjects covered and decide who lied the least.

We then switch gears and preview this year’s Royal Rumble. We take a look at who can actually win the Rumble match, which is not a long list, and then decide if there are any sleepers we’re not thinking about. We look at the WWE Heavyweight title picture and try to think about where WWE is going. We then remember Brock Lesnar’s title reign which looked like it could’ve been amazing on paper, but wasn’t in execution. Lastly, we talk about what WrestleMania 31 might look like.

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