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2015 Royal Rumble Live Coverage – Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena Vs Seth Rollins

Royal Rumble live

Welcome to our 2015 Royal Rumble live coverage.

All of a sudden, there’s a ton of curiosity going into this show. Last night, we wrote about the possibility of The Rock showing up at the Royal Rumble based on this tweet he sent out.

WWE.com has now basically written the same thing, which either means he’s going to be there, or they want to win the most disgusting promotional tactic award in the Wrestling Observer Awards next year.

If Rock is in the mix, it opens up a few more possibilities for WrestleMania 31, which was heavily lacking in star power and also has to deal with the possibility of Brock Lesnar leaving.

At any point, the Royal Rumble is always full of intrigue and excitement and sets the tone for WrestleMania 31. We’ll be back with live play by play once the show starts.

Update: The Rock and his mother are in the building. Vince McMahon just tweeted out this photo.

New Day Vs Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

I could’ve sworn this was originally a six-man tag match. And an elimination one too. Weird that they would change it like it really matters.

The babyfaces were booed and the heels were cheered. Better get used to the fans doing interesting things tonight. Cesaro and Kidd looked excellent. Big E specifically was working in slow motion, but he was asked to do some crazy things for a guy his size. Kingston was pushed near the ropes and Cesaro hit him with his uppercut forearm and Kidd caught him with a spinning fisherman buster.

Winner: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

New Age Outlaws Vs The Ascension

This left a lot to be desired. Once their call and response gimmick was over, the New Age Outlaws didn’t get to do much except the Road Dog shimmied around a lot.

Konnor and Viktor got the win with the Fall Of Man on Gunn.

Winner: The Ascension

Stephanie and Triple H were in the back talking about keeping Sting out of the building. Triple H said it won’t be an issue because he had five people tell him that Nikolai Volkoff pulled into the parking lot but not one said that Sting did. Stephanie tried to foreshadow that Sting was going to be in the building, and maybe even in the rafters. Paul Heyman said he has the solution. When they needed Cena out as champion, he had the solution. Brock Lesnar is the solution.

The Miz and Mizdow Vs The Usos

One of the Usos nearly killed himself on a flip dive over the top rope. Miz was too far away and didn’t catch him. He landed right on his back.

Mizdow hit the Skull Crushing Finale, but wasn’t the legal man in the ring. Miz came over for the slow cover and didn’t get it. Miz had one of the Usos on the top rope but was superkicked and big splashed. The Usos retain.

Winner: The Usos

The Bellas Vs Paige and Natalya

The crowd died a fast death here. Paige never even tagged in. The Bellas did some things together that worked, but there were some missed spots as well. Nikki Bella threw a forearm and Natalya and knocked her out to win the match for Team Bella.

Winner: The Bellas

Royal Rumble live

John Cena Vs Seth Rollins Vs Brock Lesnar

It’s a suplex party already. Cena took a German from Brock. Brock tried to get Rollins, but J&J Security interfered. So Brock just double German suplexed them. He finally got Rollins who fell on the shoulder and side of his head.

Cena gave Brock the FU and Rollins threw him out and covered Brock. He only got a one count.

Rollins dove at Lesnar off the top rope and Lesnar caught him on his shoulders and gave him the meanest F5 you’ve ever seen.

This match is chaotic with tons of back and forth and breaking up pins. Rollins gave Lesnar the Curb Stomp and Cena had to break it up. Cena speared Lesnar in the back and through the barricade. He also threw Lesnar into the steps.

Rollins dove off the top rope and on top of Lesnar, who was on the announcer’s table. Back in the ring, Cena tried to give Rollins the FU, Rollins got out, hit the ropes and found himself in a sit down powerbomb. Word to Dave Batista.

Lesnar is laid out either from Seth’s dive or he’s too purple. In the ring, J&J and Rollins gave Cena the Shield powerbomb. Rollins was tossed over the top. J&J was in the ring and Cena herked them both into the FU. Mercury was on top and was obliterated.

Rollins back in and hit the Curb Stomp again for a two count. Seth set up for a moonsault but turned it into a 450 splash. Lesnar woke up and went crazy. He tossed both guys. Rollins got the briefcase and smacked Lesnar twice. He put Lesnar’s head on the briefcase for the Curb Stomp, but Lesnar woke up again and hit Rollins with a F5 for the pin.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Royal Rumble live

The Royal Rumble

The Miz is one and R-Truth is number two. Bubba Ray Dudley is number three. Bubba Ray and Truth did the Dudley spots including the Wazzup headbutt. They did the Dudley Death Drop and then Bubba Ray threw out Miz. Truth tried to drop kick him and then he was also tossed out. Harper and Wyatt were next. Wyatt threw out Bubba Ray. Curtis Axel was next but he never made it into the ring. He was jumped by Rowan who entered the ring to make it a Wyatt Family reunion. Cole said Rowan didn’t count. Bray threw both out. Axel is nowhere to be seen. The Boogeyman was next. Bray eliminated him quickly. Sin Cara was next and he was quickly eliminated too. Bryan came in to save the day.

Fandango was in next. Then Tyson Kidd. Stardust was in next. Bryan tossed out Kidd. DDP was next. It was a Diamond Cutter party. He hit it on everyone except Bryan. Rusev is in next. Rusev tossed out DDP and Fandango. Daniel Bryan is finally eliminated. He went after Rusev and Wyatt eliminated him. Goldust and Kofi were in next. Stardust tried to eliminate Goldust, but couldn’t do it. Rose came in next. Rusev threw Kofi over the top, but the Rosebuds caught him and let him back in. Then Rusev tossed out Adam Rose. And then kicked out Kingston. Reigns is in next. He’s getting booed. Reigns tossed out Goldust and Stardust.

Mizdow came out, but Miz tried to say it was his spot. Mizdow ran in. He was a house on fire until Rusev threw him out. Swagger was in next. Then Ryback. Kane was next and then Ambrose. It’s fairly uneventful and the crowd has died. Titus O’Neil is next. Reigns and Ambrose eliminated him quickly. Barrett is next. There are only three guys left to come out. Cesaro is number 28. Big Show is number 29. Show and Kane eliminate Ryback. Show eliminates Jack Swagger. Ziggler comes out as number 30. He eliminates Barrett and then Cesaro. Big Show and Kane dumped out Ziggler. Kane and Show threw out Ziggler. Show tossed out Bray.

The final five are Reigns, Ambrose, Kane, Show and Rusev who hasn’t been eliminated yet, but is nowhere to be seen. Show and Kane threw out Ambrose. Show and Kane started fighting. Reigns threw them both out. They came back in and started to beat up on Reigns. Rock came out and beat up both Show and Kane. Rock and Reigns cleaned house. Rusev came back in. Reigns speared him and then tossed him out.

Winner: Roman Reigns

The Authority came out to mad dog Reigns and Rock in the ring.

Royal Rumble live

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