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Video – Floyd Mayweather Wants Manny Pacquiao For May 2nd

I will admit that the headline is misleading if you’ve been following the story these past seven years, but he actually said it, so that’s what you have to go with.

Floyd said that he’d love to fight Manny and blamed the random blood testing that Pacquiao initially balked at years ago (and really, Pacquiao didn’t get enough flack for holding it up because of that). Floyd said that Pacquiao’s buyrates are down and that’s true, but partially because he’s fighting out of the US. Even if he wasn’t, Floyd’s buyrates would be higher, but overall, both of their buyrates are down from their heydays.

He said that he’d like it as his next fight, but blamed Bob Arum for the fight not happening. That’s also partially true, if Floyd will admit that he’s the other person holding up the fight. Arum doesn’t want a bad deal for Pacquiao as much as Floyd doesn’t want to do a split that is any way close to even. It’s a pissing contest when it comes to the split, though right now, Pacquiao doesn’t even have close to an argument for 50/50, which Floyd wouldn’t have ever agreed to even when they were each other’s box office equal.

The funniest part of this is when Mayweather takes the offensive and says that Pacquiao and Arum have been ducking them for years, which just based on the way Floyd makes his fights, is pretty laughable. And I’m not even saying Mayweather is ducking Pacquiao.

He then said that he tried to make the deal and offered Pacquiao $40 million, which he turned down, and now wants the same money offer even though he’s lost twice. Well, we don’t count the Timothy Bradley loss.

There’s your crux people. It has been and will always be about the split. Mayweather can fight against two easier opponents and make more money than he would earn fighting Pacquiao.

Wake me if it ever happens.

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