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Video – Bad Blood: Jones Vs Cormier

If this doesn’t get you excited for Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier, nothing will.

The UFC has gone away from their Prime Time series, which they saved for the most important fights. Because it was produced weekly with up to date footage, it was more expensive than your normal countdown show. While Bad Blood: Jones Vs Cormier isn’t as immediate as Prime Time, the show is produced a bit better than the countdown series.

But what makes it good is that in just over twenty minutes, it hits on all the parts that make this feud between Jones and Cormier so interesting. Jones is great and comes off as slightly pompous and very confident. Cormier is climbing up the hill and Jones is the top of the mountain for him.

They are really perfect opponents for each other in that they are tip top athletes, but are so different. Cormier has the pedigree, but Jones athleticism seems more perfect for MMA. And it’s easy to put them in the good guy (Cormier) vs bad guy (Jones) roles. Neither really runs from the role.

We’ll have a ton more about this fight this week. Enjoy the video.

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