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UFC On Fox Recap: Junior Dos Santos Vs Stipe Miocic Play By Play

Junior Dos Santos vs Stipe Miocic

Junior Dos Santos vs Stipe Miocic

UFC is back on Fox, headlined by Junior Dos Santos vs Stipe Miocic.

All four fights on this show should be good action fights. It’s also the third UFC show in eight days.

1. Matt Mitrione Vs Gabriel Gonzaga

Holy hell. Just as Joe Rogan says that what he doesn’t like about Mitrione’s punches is that he drops them down and he did just that right on Gabriel Gonzaga’s chin. He dropped him and finished him on the ground.

Winner: Matt Mitrione by way of 1st round TKO

Gonzaga came in with an overhand right and ducked right into a left hand by Mitrione.

2. Stefan Struve Vs Alistair Overeem

Overeem scored a takedown and never let him get back up. He punched him in the face with his right hand and Struve started to go out and it was stopped.

Winner: Alistair Overeem by way of 1st round TKO

Overeem didn’t look comfortable on the feet because of the length, so he made it a ground fight and was smart to do so.

Joe Rogan interviewed Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones. Jones was via satellite while Cormier was working the show and in the building. Jones said he wouldn’t have done the press conference scuffle differently because Cormier put his hands around his throat. Cormier said what he would do differently is smack Jones for making a photo op physical. Jones said he’s a mixed martial artist and it’s a MMA fight, not just a wrestling match. Cormier says he’s winning the title and going to make Jones quit.

3. Nate Diaz Vs Rafael Dos Anjos

Dos Anjos was teeing off on Diaz’s front leg and Diaz made it quite apparent that he was hurting. Diaz was landing some nice punches, but he couldn’t avoid the leg kicks. They ended up on the ground and Nate was trying to set up some stuff from the bottom, but Dos Anjos pounded on him.

Dos Anjos manhandled him the entire round. He bloodied him up with a left hand, took him down and tossed him around wherever he wanted. It’s weird watching Diaz being outclassed both on the feet and on the ground.

Nate was on his back taking more of a pounding for most of the round. They checked his leg in between rounds. That’s how bad it is. Nate didn’t even try getting off his back because it would’ve meant that he had to take more leg kicks. This was a decisive victory for Dos Anjos.

Winner: Rafael Dos Anjos by unanimous decision

The scores were 30-26, 30-26, and 30-27.

4. Stipe Miocic Vs Junior Dos Santos

Dos Santos landed a nice right hand to start. Miocic was shooting for the takedown, but Dos Santos was able to step around it. Miocic finally tripped him up and Dos Santos was off-balanced trying to fight with his back against the cage and Miocic hit him with some nice shots. Dos Santos doesn’t want to hang in there if he’s not leading the exchanges. Miocic landed the best punch of the fight and Dos Santos tried to get out of there quickly. Dos Santos is throwing some nasty left hooks. It was a really good standup round.

This is a war. These guys hit hard, are taking these punches flush, and you can see the punishment in their faces. Miocic busted up Dos Santos around his eyes and he’s bleeding heavily. Dos Santos is one-dimensional and slow. He’s getting hit far too easily.

Miocic got a takedown and it looked for a second like Dos Santos would do some ground work, but he didn’t do much. And now, Dos Santos busted up Miocic’s mouth. He’s bleeding like a stuck pig. Dos Santos ducked under a right hand and landed a left hook and Miocic went down. Miocic grabbed onto Dos Santos’ legs, which gave him enough time to recover. He got up and rather than moving back in, Dos Santos gave him room.

Miocic went low with a kick that grazed Dos Santos’ cup. Based on their faces, both of these guys look like they’re in monster movies. Miocic had Dos Santos hurt, but these guys are tougher than leather. Dos Santos got a takedown late, but the momentum swung right back in Miocic’s favor.

Both guys were very tired; Miocic maybe more tired than Dos Santos. This is one of those fights where you think that neither guy will be the same. Both of these guys are tough as nails too. Dos Santos landed a punch that would’ve knocked out a horse and Miocic fired one right back at him. I have Miocic winning this one, but it could be close.

Winner: Junior Dos Santos by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 48-47, 49-46, and 49-46.

So Dos Santos would’ve had to win the last two rounds for 49-46?

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