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The Raw Rerun – Raw Is Jericho

Raw is Jericho

Via WWE.com

Welcome to Raw is Jericho!

The show was your normal recent Raw fare with bad jokes, boring segments, and less than enthusiastic matches. In fact, if you sped through this Raw, only pausing for the big segments, you could’ve finished the entire thing in under an hour. That’s how minimal the non-important stuff was.

But, the return of Brock Lesnar made it seem like a much more important show than usual.

Raw Is Jericho.

Fozzy’s lead singer, Chris Jericho was the host of Raw, wearing a scarf underneath a leather jacket and he came out to start the show. Paul Heyman and then Seth Rollins both came out. Rollins was upset because he lost the tables match from the night before. John Cena came out, called him a cry baby, and then challenged him to a rematch. He also told Paul Heyman that he was ready for Brock.

Jericho helped Cena make his match with Rollins and made sure to put it in a steel cage. I’m sure this was of no surprise to the crowd in attendance who saw the steel cage atop the building. Rollins started berating Jericho, calling him a worse GM than the laptop. He said he’s a rusty wrestler too and said even Heyman could beat him. Jericho stopped him right there and set up a match between he and Heyman for later in the show. The WWE Universe would decide what kind of match it was via app voting. Jericho made mention of the $200 Heyman owed him in ECW as possible beef. The segment went on forever and ever and ever, amen.

Jericho met up with Fandango backstage. He also cut him down tremendously in the beginning of the opening segment. He told Fandango that after he faced Heyman, he was coming for his Slammy Award, which Fandango accepted in his honor last week. How about you just show up to the Slammy’s Jericho?

Jericho then invited Rusev and Lana onto the Highlight Reel. This was just a chance to make some jokes about Rusev and Lana’s real-life romance. Rusev said he was going to crush Jericho, but Jericho challenged someone from the back to come out. Thankfully, it wasn’t Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, or Big Show. It was Zack Ryder. Just kidding. It was Ryback. Ryback joined them in the ring and Rusev decided to leave.

The options for the Jericho vs Heyman match were No Holds Barred, Extreme Rules, and Street Fight, which are all essentially the same match. Street Fight won and Heyman played it like he was very scared, until he called for Brock Lesnar. Lesnar showed up, circled the ring, got inside and went face to face with Jericho. Jericho tried to hit him with a forearm and then a code breaker, but Brock hit him with the F5 and left him laying.

Cena vs Rollins is the main event.

Before the match, Rollins said the Authority needed to be brought back.

The match was another one in which Cena had to beat three guys instead of one even though they were inside a steel cage which is supposed to keep others out. It’s also weird in that the Authority is no more, yet no babyface special guest GM can send J & J Security away.

Cena and Rollins had a long match and both were laid out. Lesnar and Heyman came back out. Lesnar went straight for Cena, giving him three German suplexes and then a F5 for good measure. But he didn’t touch Rollins. Instead, Heyman shook Rollins’ hand and they left. Rollins gave Cena a curb stomp and then left the cage very slowly.

And the rest…

– Big Show and Luke Harper beat Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan when Show pinned Rowan.
– The New Day were interviewed by Rene Young and Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston made fun of Big E’s flop sweat.
– Natalya and Alicia Fox beat the Bellas when Brie tapped to the Sharp Shooter. Nikki Bella was hurt outside and Tyson Kidd was outside seeing how she was doing. Nattie got upset and Kidd noticed and immediately rushed into the ring to raise her hand.
– Yes, we know, the Ascension is coming.
– The New Day beat Goldust and Stardust.
– Kane interrupted Adam Rose’s party to let him know they were wrestling. Ruined my party as well with that news. He beat him quickly and then gave the Bunny a tombstone as well.
– Fandango was in the ring trash talking Jericho. Roman Reigns came in and knocked him out. Big Show came out and was hit with a Superman punch, which he only slightly sold.
– Jimmy Uso beat the Miz with a splash off the top. Miz then caught up with Naomi backstage saying he cares about her career and wants her to be on Miz TV on Main Event.

Final thoughts

If only Brock Lesnar could be on the show more often.

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