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FGB Radio – Pro Wrestling Year In Review Part 2

pro wrestling year in review

In part two of our pro wrestling year in review podcast, we call Big D and Brandon Draven to discuss WWE’s year.

(If you missed part one with Alan about the Japanese wrestling scene, take a listen.)

Big D and Brandon Draven gave up their Sunday evening to help us break down WWE’s year. We hit on all the stories, big and small. We start in January with the Royal Rumble, Batista, and Daniel Bryan’s push, all the way through CM Punk’s podcast with Colt Cabana, Sting returning to WWE, and the year end TLC PPV.

We spend a lot of time on some of the bigger topics including:
– Punk walking out, not coming back to WWE, and going to UFC
– The WWE Network launch, business struggles, and our overall thoughts on it (Austin’s podcast with McMahon)
– NXT and our thoughts on how certain guys will do on the main roster
– WrestleMania XXX
– Ultimate Warrior’s passing
– Daniel Bryan’s year of major ups and major downs
– Alberto Del Rio’s firing and the aftermath
– Brock Lesnar’s story
– Rollins, Ambrose, and Reigns and where they stand
– TNA’s lack of end game

This is a long one at nearly four hours which means there’s tons more discussion.

Right click to download or stream below.

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