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CM Punk Joins The UFC

CM Punk joins the UFC

The UFC made a surprise announcement on Saturday night.

On the prelims show and early on during UFC 181, Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg teased an announcement after the first fight on the show. Once Tony Ferguson choked out Abel Trujillo to end the first fight, Mike Goldberg said it was time for an announcement that everyone would enjoy.

Joe Rogan was shown on the screen and to his right was Phil Brooks, aka CM Punk. CM Punk signed a five-fight contract with the UFC. It was something he’d been wanting to try, even before re-signing with WWE in 2011.

When asked what weight he’d fight at, he said probably middleweight, but he’s going to do a test weight cut to see if he can get down to welterweight. Light heavyweight was out of the question.

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