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Video – Metamoris 5: Yuri Simoes Vs Rafael Lovato, Jr. Countdown

Yuri Simoes vs Rafael Lovato Jr Countdown

Yuri Simoes vs Rafael Lovato Jr Countdown

It’s time to look at Yuri Simoes vs Rafael Lovato, Jr.

This is the first attempt by Metamoris to promote a grudge match.

Rafael is the second and last American male to win gold at the World Jiu Jitsu Championships. Yuri is a solid competitor who beat Rafael in route to winning this year’s Pan American Championship. Rafael makes the point that that Yuri only beat him by one advantage point. An advantage point is given at the discretion of the referee and only comes into play if no actual points are scored. A point is given when a position of control occurs, so losses by advantage are controversial.

The entire Metamoris concept was really born out of a distain by some in the Jiu Jitsu community for the win by advantage concept and the solution they came up with is submission only. This will be an excellent matchup as both men have something to prove in this no-point submission only arena.

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