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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Pettis Vs Team Melendez – Episode 9 (Randa Markos Vs Felice Herrig)

TUF 20

TUF 20

It’s the ninth episode of the all-female season TUF 20 in which the strawweight champion will be determined.

Team Melendez had a drunken slumber party which sent Tecia Torres out of their room.

Felice doesn’t like training with her opponent. She feels the bad vibes in the air. Anthony Pettis left it up to his remaining seven fighters to decide how to schedule practice. The majority decided to split the two teams up into practice and evening sessions. Tecia didn’t like that as she feels like it cuts into her training time and said that some of the girls are more “Princess-y” than others, which seemed like a clear shot at Carla Esparza who mentioned that she didn’t want to work on stuff for her fight with her opponent possibly listening.

The coach’s challenge isn’t a physical challenge this season because Pettis just had surgery. So it’s a trivia challenge.

The first round had to do with The Ultimate Fighter history. Melendez did well in the round and Pettis got skunked.

In the second round, it was about UFC history. Pettis did well to make a bit of a comeback.

In the last round, the subject was finishes. Melendez cleaned up. He was up 1800 points to 900 points.

In the sudden victory, they each had to wager some of their points and would win or lose that many based on their answer. They both got the question wrong. Pettis wagered all of his points, but Melendez wagered none of his. So Gil won.

Randa doesn’t want to change her schedule and thinks she should be training hardest at this point. Pettis was gone so the assistant coaches had to deal with the situation.

When Randa was complaining at the house, Felice came out and called her a coward for not bringing it up in the team meeting. The next morning, when one of the groups of women left for the gym, Randa got in the van to head to training even though it wasn’t her time. Felice and Carla let her have it a bit.

Pettis said that it’s not really a team sport so he can’t really keep Randa from coming.

At the weigh-in, Felice blew a bubble in Randa’s face, which she popped angrily.

Randa Markos (14) Vs Felice Herrig (6)

Herrig tried to keep it in the clinch with knees while Markos was trying to get it to the ground. Once she did, she got Herrig in an armbar and submitted her.

Winner: Randa Markos by way of 1st round submission

Even though she won, Markos was still upset and Esparza was upset to see her friend lose. Markos told her she was next. Herrig said she wishes she did more.

The next fight is Jessica Penne (4) vs Aisling Daly (5) with Carla Esparza (1) vs Tecia Torres (3) and Joanne Calderwood (2) vs Rose Namanjunas (7) remaining.