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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Pettis Vs Team Melendez – Episode 8 (Tecia Torres Vs Bec Rawlings)

TUF 20

It’s the eighth episode of the all-female season TUF 20 in which the strawweight champion will be determined.

The next fight is the last fight of the first round of the tournament. The returning Tecia Torres faces Bec Rawlings.

Because Bec and Tecia share a room, the Scrapettes are trying to find a way to get Tecia out of the room. They also want Heather out of the room because she’s close to Tecia.

Bec feels like Tecia is underestimating her and she has the mindset of kill or be killed. She discusses her relationship in which she was treated badly, but her sons give her inspiration.

Tecia and Heather don’t want to move rooms, especially during the days before Tecia’s fight. Tecia tells Emily that maybe after the fight she’ll be willing to move.

Bec is bothered that Heather is helping Tecia make weight since they are on opposite teams now. Heather says Tecia was the only one who helped her cut weight and why should she help the people who are constantly cutting her down.

Tecia Torres Vs Bec Rawlings

It was a great back and forth first round. Torres with her quickness and great footwork was able to get inside and land shots and get out. Rawlings, because of her aggression and overall length, would get inside and tie up Torres and then get her in the clinch and land her shots. There were several good flurries in the round.

Rawlings’ nose looks to be busted. Rawlings got a headlock takeover, but couldn’t do anything on the ground with her. Torres landed some great side kicks and when Rawlings would step toward her, would throw some nice combinations and then get out of dodge. Torres got a late takedown and held on at the end of the round. I think I’d give the fight to Torres.

Winner: Tecia Torres by way of unanimous decision

The Scrappettes jokingly booed Tecia. Nate Diaz thought Bec won the fight or at the very least, should’ve gone to a third round.

The quarterfinal fights are:

Felice Herrig (6) vs Randa Markos (14)
Jessica Penne (4) vs Aisling Daly (5)
Carla Esparanza (1) vs Tecia Torres (3)
Joanne Calderwood (2) vs Rose Namanjunas (7)

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