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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Pettis Vs Team Melendez – Episode 10 (Jessica Penne Vs Aisling Daly)

TUF 20

TUF 20

It’s the tenth episode of the all-female season TUF 20 on Thanksgiving Eve in which the strawweight champion will be determined.

For this show, it’s Jessica Penne vs Aisling Daly.

Justin Kish says that because she communicates with Jessica Penne, her roommate, Aisling Daly won’t speak to her. Penne says that she’s happy that Kish is in the house because otherwise she’s usually a loner.

They’re at the Harley Davidson store testing out the bikes. Gilbert Melendez wants a bike, but admitted he has no idea how to ride it. Kish was trying to get the fight off Penne’s mind, chasing her around the store.

Conor McGregor showed up to give support to Daly. They are teammates. McGregor says that Daly was on his team from day one. He said all of Ireland will get behind her. He noticed a weird tension in the room at the gym.

Anthony Pettis says he thinks the fight favors Penne early and Daly later.

Jessica Penne (4) Vs Aisling Daly (5)

Penne’s boxing was a bit better than Daly’s in the first. Neither one really had an advantage anywhere else. Penne took a finger to the eye. They were up against the cage and did the do-si-do with both trying but unsuccessfully able to get the advantage.

Penne landed a nice left jab that seemed to bother Daly. Daly was trying to throw a wider right hand which landed at least once. Penne defended it well in other times. Penne got a takedown. Penne, who was practicing knees with Kish, finally threw one. Every time Daly tries to get close to clinch and grapple, Penne steps aside and makes her eat a combination. Daly got the takedown, but Penne ended up on her back at the end of the round.

They’re going to a third round. I had Penne winning both rounds. Penne tossed her with a great judo throw. She tried to take her back, but couldn’t get the figure four to sink it. Daly ended up on top, but Penne went for a triangle. Penne ended up on top throwing punches to the side of her head. She was trying to maneuver to her back, but ended up in her guard. Penne didn’t do much damage, but had top position. Both were back on their feet and Daly got a late takedown, but didn’t keep her there. To me, Penne won all three rounds.

Winner: Jessica Penne by decision

The last two semi-final fights are left. We’re probably do for a double episode next week.

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