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Sting At Survivor Series?

Sting at Survivor Series

Sting at Survivor Series

Will Sting finally make his WWE debut at Survivor Series on Sunday?

Mike Johnson at PWInsider (beware of pop-ups) was the first person I saw break the news that Sting was going to show up at Survivor Series. Dave Meltzer confirmed the story unless something were to change on Sunday.

So it very much looks like Sting will make his debut unannounced on a flat WWE PPV during a free month for WWE Network. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t announce it unless what they’re trying to sell is that surprises that can happen on PPV. What’s funny about that is outside of the Undertaker losing to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, I can’t remember a true surprise moment that’s happened on a WWE PPV since they’ve moved them to the network.

It’s rumored that Randy Orton may also be at the PPV. That’s something that I’ve been wondering since it’s in his hometown. He’s been away shooting a WWE movie. It would make logical sense based on the storyline of the Authority kicking him out and him coming back to help Team Cena win.

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