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HBO Boxing – Pacquiao Vs Algieri Live Coverage

Pacquiao vs Algieri live

Photo via Bleacher Report

Pacquiao vs Algieri live
Photo via Bleacher Report

It’s fight time!

Most feel like Manny Pacquiao is going to run through Chris Algieri. But after their weigh-in, Algieri sure looked like a giant compared to Pacquiao.

On the main undercard fight that fight fans care about, Vasyl Lomachenko dominated Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo to win an easy decision. On the semi-main event for the Macau crowd, Zou Shiming beat up Kwanpichit OnesongchaiGym in a one-sided fun fight. Kwanpichit looks like a mini-Manny Pacquiao and no matter how badly he was beat up, he kept fighting.

Pacquiao Vs Algieri Live Coverage

Round 1

Pacquiao is chasing Algieri and landing his left hand. It very much looks like Pacquiao’s going to be able to land as often as Provodnikov did which won’t be good for Algieri’s face. Algieri tried to throw some jabs, but he didn’t really connect with anything.

Round 2

Algieri was retreating and slipped in the corner and the referee called it a knockdown, which is unfortunate for him, though, he did go down against Provodnikov and still won a split decision. Pacquiao’s already up three points thanks to the knockdown.

Round 3

It was a quieter round, but Pacquiao landed a nice right hook. Algieri isn’t really sitting on any of his punches. The one thing he’s able to do is keep his distance as Pacquiao has to lunge a bit on his left hands.

Round 4

Algieri crouches after punching and Pacquiao found his way inside with two uppercuts which stunned Algieri. So far, these guys are in two different classes of fighters which was the worry when the fight was signed. Let’s see if Algieri can figure some things out as he’s already down five points.

Round 5

Algieri fared much better in the round, but I’d still give it to Pacquiao. Algieri sat down on a right hand after Pacquiao tried to double jab to get on the side. That was his best punch.

Round 6

Pacquiao knocked him down for real this time with a left. Algieri fell backwards with some momentum and did a backward somersault roll. He put him down a second time, but it may have been similar to the slip in the corner the first time. Someone needs to clean up that corner.

GIF via @ZProphet_MMA

Round 7

It was another easy round for Pacquiao. Algieri is not only outgunned, he knows he’s outgunned and he can’t do anything about it.

Round 8

Even when Chris puts together some decent combinations, Pacquiao just walks through them and then lands a left hand.

Round 9

Pacquiao not only knocked him down, but he hurt him and he hurt him badly. Pacquiao was all over him and Algieri must’ve gone to a knee for the second knockdown. The referee left Algieri go out there again to take more. The fight should’ve probably been stopped, but Algieri was upright as the round ended.

GIF via @ZProphet_MMA

Round 10

Pacquiao put him down again late in the 10th. It was a left hand and Algieri did the backwards somersault roll. But he’ll be back out there again for the 11th.

Round 11

Algieri landed some nice punches, but it was yet another winning round for Pacquiao. Algieri needs a knockout and I’m not sure he can do it backing up so much.

Round 12

Try as he might, Pacquiao couldn’t stop him. Algieri probably deserves some credit for staying upright at the final bell, but there was a clear difference in class between these two fighters. In fact, I don’t think Algieri would be in the top ten at 147.

Winner: Manny Pacquiao by way of unanimous decision

The scores were wide as you’d expect. They were 119-103, 119-113, and 120-102. So it seems like two judges gave Algieri one round.

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