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HBO Boxing – Hopkins Vs Kovalev Live Coverage

Hopkins vs Kovalev live

Welcome to our live play by play of Bernard Hopkins vs Sergey Kovalev.

Is this going to be Bernard Hopkins’ Randy Couture moment? If so, he’s going to have to beat a guy much better than Tim Sylvia.

Bernard Hopkins Vs Sergey Kovalev

Round 1

It didn’t take long. After a slow start, Kovalev threw one right hand and Hopkins went down. Hopkins was in the corner, put his head down and threw out a left hand and Kovalev landed the right.

Round 2

Kovalev took his time and didn’t start swinging for the fences. He used his jab to keep Hopkins on the ropes and followed up with one good combination. Hopkins did nothing at all. He’s down two rounds and three points.

Round 3

Hopkins landed a good left hook lunging in. He also landed a punch from the corner. Otherwise, it was all Kovalev with jabs. Late in the round, Hopkins was covering up as Kovalev landed a nice combination.

Round 4

The round was uneventful. Neither guy wants to take a chance. When Kovalev has him in the corner, he’s hitting Hopkins, but not really letting it go. Hopkins is not doing much other than lunging and trying to land one shot at a time.

Round 5

It was a solid round with some nice inside fighting. It seems that if Kovalev makes Hopkins throw punches to defend himself, he opens Hopkins up and can land. Hopkins tries to duck his head and throw, but not doing much landing. Not sure why Kovalev isn’t making him defend himself more.

Round 6

It was a fairly easy one for Kovalev but it was nice to see Hopkins at his best in the corner making Kovalev think about throwing punches and giving him a moving target. Hopkins landed at least a couple punches, but not nearly enough to even take half of a round yet.

Round 7

Hopkins may have landed the best shot of the round, which was a straight right. But nothing much else. Kovalev landed several more shots, but nothing impressive. Naazim Richardson is begging Hopkins to throw a combination.

Round 8

Kovalev buckled him with a huge right hand. Hopkins looked to be going down, caught himself and stayed up. I think Kovalev was shocked and he didn’t follow up immediately. Even when Kovalev puts himself in a bad position, Hopkins doesn’t seem to want to follow up.

Round 9

Either Hopkins is fine just going the whole way with the guy, or he’s waiting for the last three rounds to do something. Much of the same for Kovalev – easy pickings.

Round 10

That was a sneaky good round for Hopkins, but he still didn’t outland Kovalev. Both guys had nice flurries late in the round and both guys, not only Kovalev, landed loud punches. But for ever punch Hopkins landed, Kovalev landed three including a left hook to end the round.

Round 11

It was less eventful than the 10th. Kovalev is trying to do more, but Hopkins is unwilling. He’s content landed one or two punches a round and seemingly isn’t worried about how badly he’s losing this fight.

Round 12

Kovalev threw everything at the old man and he never went down. Unbelievable. Kovalev tripped early in the round, which got the crowd fired up. All that did was seem to make Kovalev mad and he went for the knockout. He hit Hopkins with rights and lefts flush and it looked like Hopkins was going down at the end, but the bell probably saved him. I have Kovalev up by 13 points.

Winner: Sergey Kovalev by unanimous decision

Two judges had it 120-107 and one judge had it 120-106.

Hopkins did not announce his retirement, but said it’s about 50/50 as far as him furthering his career, but he said it’s been like that since he turned 40.

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