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Video – Metamoris 5: Zak Maxwell Vs Garry Tonon Countdown

Zak Maxwell Vs Garry Tonon Countdown

Zak Maxwell Vs Garry Tonon Countdown

The third Metamoris 5 video features Zak Maxwell Vs Garry Tonnon.

Garry Tonon popped up on my radar after his performance at the 2013 Abu Dhabi Combat Club tournament. ADCC’s tournament is considered the premier no gi tournament in the world. Garry found himself going against son of the legendary Rickson Gracie; Kron Gracie.

Kron applied a nearly perfect arm bar on Garry, but he displayed incredible movement and unwound the submission and was able to escape. Garry did lose this matchup but his stock rose. He has competed at Metamoris one time before defeating Kit Dale and now he is being matched up against Zak Maxwell. Garry recently opened up his own gym and that can affect one’s performance, but his style is very fun to watch.

Zak Maxwell is the son of Steve Maxwell, the legendary trainer who you have to thank for kettle bells as he popularized them. Steve was the first black belt of Reylson Gracie and he passed the sport on early to his son. Zak won his first tournament at the age of 8. Zak currently trains at the Gracie Humaita headquarters which is run by Royler Gracie. Zak has competed at Metamoris before as he competed to a draw against Sean Roberts.

This matchup will feature two good Americans displaying Jiu Jitsu skills. Often times in Metamoris, we see the time expire and the matchup end in a draw. One thing I can guarantee is that Garry and Zak will have an entertaining matchup as both have fun styles to watch.

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