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The Raw Rerun – RKO

RKO vines

The Survivor Series main event was booked. Who will be on John Cena’s team?

I wouldn’t say Raw was good. In fact, it was quite boring in parts. But at least we have some direction towards Survivor Series and a classic, traditional Survivor Series in the main event.


Randy Orton almost never works as a baby face. Word on the street is that he simply doesn’t enjoy being babyface. But it sure looked like he was trying tonight.

The Authority introduced Seth Rollins like he was Brock Lesnar. They called him the standard bearer and the future of the company. Randy Orton came out speaking really fast like he was finally tired of all the shenanigans. He attacked Rollins, but Kane and Triple H as well as Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury helped keep him off of him. Orton tried again.

Triple H said this wasn’t the time. Then, Orton snuck in a RKO that left Rollins laying like a jabroni in an RKO vines video.

And then he hit a groom too! Lookout!

Unfortunately, that was all we saw of Orton, who in my opinion, is the best character they have going right now. Just have him beat Brock for the title. Okay, maybe we don’t have to go that far. But I’m enjoying his work.

John Cena says no to The Authority.

In a cockamamie segment that went legitimately over 20 minutes, the Authority wanted John Cena to join them because he’s getting old, gets beat up, and it will be harder to stay at the top without help as he gets older. Was that the biography of the last five years of Triple H’s career?

Cena came out to celebrate his victory and set his eyes on Rollins as he doesn’t believe he’s the future. He said the future goes through him. Stephanie McMahon came out to sell Cena on the idea of joining the Authority. She tried to use the fans booing Cena as the reason, which is so old now. She wanted him to join the Authority’s side for Survivor Series. He told Stephanie, “Hell no!” and said he didn’t want to be a sucker.

Triple H then gave him the business and said since Cena didn’t join them, he was their target. It looks like Triple H may be part of the match. The idea is that anyone who teams up with Cena will also be a target. Dolph Ziggler was talking to Cena and Kane immediately booked himself in a match with Dolph to teach him a lesson, which Dolph won. Seth attacked Dolph and Cena made the save which set up their match.

They had a main event match which ended when Cena had Rollins in the STFU and Kane ran in to break it up. Dolph came in and then the locker room emptied like it was a pier six brawl.

It looks like Dolph is on Team Cena even though AJ wanted Cena so badly. But maybe Dolph forgave him for that.

Mark Henry turns on the Big Show.

The turn that should’ve probably happened last night at the PPV happened at Raw while Henry and Show were teaming against the tag champs, Goldust and Stardust. Henry turned on Show, gave him the World’s Strongest Slam, and left him laying for the champs to get the pin.

But he wasn’t done. He slammed him multiple times and hit a big splash on him for good measure. Too bad Show didn’t stay down at all. He leaned up against the apron with his crying face.

And the rest …

– Roman Reigns was interviewed via satellite and has his sights set on Seth Rollins when he returns. Take a number man.

– AJ Lee beat Alicia Fox. Paige was doing commentary and then beat up Fox afterward. What a weird feud this is. Can we get Charlotte in here anytime soon?

– The Usos beat Miz an Damian Mizdow. I can’t wait for Mizdow to use twin magic to get a win for Miz. Or maybe get pinned for Miz.

– The Hulkster brought cancer survivors into the ring to end breast cancer month.

– Ryback answered Bo Dallas’ open challenge and killed him.

– Dean Ambrose had a rather forgettable segment. He was supposed to have a match with Cesaro, which didn’t happen. He wanted Bray, so he decided to beat up Cesaro with the microphone until Bray showed up on screen.

– Nikki Bella beat Naomi after Brie kind of helped her by grabbing Naomi’s foot even though she didn’t want to.

Final thoughts

I’m very happy that we’re getting a traditional Survivor Series match in the main event. Raw was a little better than usual, but still too boring at times. Lots of meaningless segments.

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