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The Raw Rerun – Mick Foley Is Back

Mick Foley is back

Mick Foley returned to WWE TV to help promote Hell In A Cell.

Mick Foley is back.

I don’t know if Mick Foley has renewed his legend’s contract with WWE or if this was just a one-time deal, but Mick Foley was back on Raw and as he explained on his Facebook Page, he seemed to be very fired up about it. So maybe there will be future appearances from the Hardcore Legend.

For some reason, Vince McMahon believes that Dean Ambrose as a zany and unpredictable character who uses comedy is the right character for him. I don’t agree as before he went away to shoot his movie, he was the hottest character on TV and him coming back has luke-warmed him.

Ambrose had a couple segments where he tried to be funny. One was a buddy cop segment with John Cena where Ambrose was scouting Kane by watching his new movie, See No Evil 2. Cena wasn’t pissed at him for getting the match with Seth Rollins. He was friendly with him instead. Ambrose called them Batman and Superman which was weird. And Cena said Ambrose was the Joker, not Batman. Even weirder.

How did Ambrose and Rollins try and get their match over on Sunday, which should be the main event of Hell In A Cell? Ambrose brought out a Rollins doll and decided to beat it up. Rollins came out and thankfully, so did Mick Foley.

It wasn’t an A+ Foley promo, but he tried. I think the issue with the promo is that he was cutting a promo for a match that was actually important. And the way they’ve booked the Hell In A Cell match between Rollins and Ambrose is that it’s not all that important. So there was a disconnect, but it wasn’t Foley’s fault.

Foley tried to accentuate the danger in the cell and said he had two careers; a pre-Cell career and a post-Cell career. The problem is that this version of the cell match isn’t dangerous at all. It’s just a match inside the cage these days. But again, Foley tried his best.

Seth Rollins stands tall.

The main event was another version of the same five guys we have regularly seen on in main events recently. It was John Cena and Dean Ambrose (Superman and Batman) against Kane, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins. Because Rollins and Orton are having trouble getting along, Kane was in charge. Triple H nearly called him the general (as in ring-general), but stopped himself.

The Authority came out to start the show and they were all in suits. The segment was designed to put over the two cell matches as co-main events. Orton heeled on the Kansas City Royals, which made him a babyface in my eyes because I’m a San Francisco Giants fan. And Orton vs Cena is now a number one contender’s match. Triple H let Orton know later that it was Seth Rollins who thought of the idea to make it a number one contender’s match.

Orton came out again later by himself with the cell hanging halfway down. Cena came out and called Orton stupid and told him to shut his cruddy pie-hole. Strong words there, John. Cena wants Brock again and that’s why he’s going to beat Orton. Oh yah, I nearly forgot about Brock.

Paul Heyman came out and told both men that back in 2002 (which Cena and Orton both referenced earlier in the promo to talk about how long their feud goes back), it was Lesnar who was the top dog and not them. Cena was tired of Heyman continuing to say that Lesnar would beat him up again. He got him in the FU, but put him down. Then Orton hit him with the RKO. Orton then hit Heyman with the RKO.

I’d love to see Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar, but this pretty much guarantees Cena is winning on Sunday and also that this match goes on last. Poor Dean and Seth.

The match picked up steam late when the cell was lowered. Deam Ambrose made a hot tag in what was supposed to be a street fight, but he eventually ate the RKO and lost the match. However, Orton was curb stomped and Seth Rollins went to the top of the cell to celebrate.

But that didn’t stop Orton from hitting the RKO on some guy doing parkour.

And the rest …

– The Usos and Sheamus faced Goldust, Stardust, and Damian Mizdow who substituted for the Miz. Mizdow got the surprise rollup victory on Sheamus.

– Alicia Fox beat AJ Lee thanks to Paige being a nuisance at ringside.

– Rusev beat Big E (remember him?) in a competitive match with the Accolade. The American flag dropped above the ring and Rusev was upset. He was going to tear it down when a soldier came into a ring and was booted by Rusev. They went to commercial and when they came back, Big Show was in the ring doing an emotional interview and went after Rusev in the back, but Rusev was no where to be found.

– Summer Rae ate Brie Bella’s X Factor and lost.

– Cesaro beat Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match and was made to look strong.

– Hulk Hogan was teased for the post-show but didn’t show up on Raw. I’m sure USA was happy about that.

Final thoughts

The build to this entire show has been rotten. This show was no different. And watch Hell In A Cell be an excellent PPV. Sometimes it works that way.

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