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Video – Tito And Bonnar Pull Apart

Tito and Bonnar brawl

I think this may be the wackiest thing Bellator has ever done.

Scott Coker announced that Stephan Bonnar and Tito Ortiz would face each other at the November 15th event. Bonnar cut a promo on Ortiz and painted him as an untrustworthy person whose former friends all want Bonnar to beat up.

Next to Bonnar was a man in a suit and a mask. When Bonnar unmasked him (Justin McCulley), he didn’t say who he was. So were to assume that this was a former Tito friend who looked more like a rapper from the late 1990s than an MMA fighter.

Tito called both of them drug addicts. Then Bonnar started talking about Jenna, which pissed Tito off. Tito said that you can’t talk about his family or his fans as if they were equal to each other. He then went for a push and the pull apart was on.

This was pro wrestling wacky. I was entertained.

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