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Video – All Access: Mayweather Vs Maidana 2 – Episode 3

All Access: Mayweather vs Maidana 2

All Access: Mayweather vs Maidana 2

Episode 3 of All Access: Mayweather vs Maidana 2 is up.

After six episodes of All Access, chronicling the anticipation of Mayweather Vs Maidana now for a second time, as you can imagine, there’s not much else to say that’s new. I very much got the feeling that both men were tired of waiting for the fight and simply couldn’t wait to get back into the ring.

But there were a few nuggets that might be either important or not important at all:

– Robert Garcia seemed to really be trying to force Maidana to believe that he could win this fight. Maidana was really relaxed and didn’t say much at all.

– His addition of his father to Maidana’s corner seems like a cool story, but it wasn’t played up as much more than that.

– Mayweather’s alliance with Alex Ariza was seemingly just a visit based on the footage we saw. Garcia, Brandon Rios, and others pretty much no-sold it, which killed any interest in the story.

– Mayweather finally showed some footage of his sparring, bloodying up the face of his sparring partner.

– Mayweather also made a comment about training saying that he had to be 100% focused to train or else he’d rather take a day off and come back the next day focused. It sort of kills the idea that training is all about accumulated hours. Either that, or maybe he’s just more tired these days?

Here’s the last episode of the current run of All Access: