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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Pettis Vs Team Melendez – Episode 3

Ultimate Fighter: Team Pettis Vs Team Melendez

It’s the third episode of the all-female season in which the strawweight champion will be determined.

Right as the show started, Dana White brought Bec Rawlings into one of the rooms to tell her that her step father passed away. He had Parkinson’s.

Jake Shields recently lost his father and he and Gilbert brought Bec flowers to help her grieve.

Lisa Ellis and Jessica Penne are fighting in a rematch from an Invicta fight. Ellis’ head started bleeding from a head collision and Penne was able to continue to put on pressure and the referee stopped it.

The girls on Team Melendez are tired of Heather Clark’s lack of small talk and inability to not have to always put her two cents in.

Pettis thinks Penne doesn’t know how good she is. He says he thinks the fight will go wherever she wants to take it.

Ellis has a bed spread with her daughter on it. Melendez isn’t sure where Ellis’ head is at. If she’s mentally strong, he thinks she has a good chance. He also said the striking was even in their first fight, but Penne got all the take downs and even when Ellis was on top, she was reversed.

Lisa Ellis Vs Jessica Penne

Ellis wanted to stand up, but was the first one to shoot for a takedown. Penne got the takedown as Ellis tried to hip toss her. Like what Melendez was afraid of, she continually lost position, Penne got the choke and the tap.

Winner: Jessica Penne by way of 1st round submission

Dana White thought Ellis gave up the choke because she wanted out of the fight.

The next fight is Carla Esparza vs Angela Hill. It’s the number one ranked fighter against the last ranked fighter.

So far, Pettis is 3-0 and looks very much like he’ll be 4-0 after next week.

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