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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Pettis Vs Team Melendez – Episode 2

Ultimate Fighter: Team Pettis Vs Team Melendez

It’s the second episode of the all-female season in which the strawweight champion will be determined.

As we learned last week, fight two is Joanne Calderwood vs Emily Kagan (2 vs 15).

Heather Clark is trying to take a leadership role, but it doesn’t seem like all of the girls are taking to her. She suggested that people on her team don’t tell the other team their secrets. Rose Namajunas said they may all have to fight each other as if to say she’s not into the clique mentality.

They were grappling and butted heads. Clark ended up with a nasty cut on the corner of her right eye.

Felice Herrig thinks the coaching is a little too heavy handed. She doesn’t feel they have enough time to drill the things they are learning as they are interrupted too quickly and told what they are doing wrong. Anthony Pettis’ coaching staff seems too hands on.

Joanne says her game plan is to react to what the other fighter is doing. She also wants to keep it standing.

Felice wants Team Pettis to put their panties on the Team Pettis sign in their locker room. They had to blurcle Felice as she dropped trow right then and there. She couldn’t have used some clean ones?

Gilbert Melendez is trying to teach Emily how to counter strike the striker to set up her wrestling. He admits that Joanne is the favorite and they need an upset.

Emily says she sees Joanna as a stepping stone to the top. If she can beat her, she’s closer to her goal which is women’s champion. Melendez’s last advice is to disrupt her rhythm.

Joanne Calderwood (2) vs Emily Kagan (15)

It was a very competitive first round. Kagan did a good job combatting Calderwood’s striking. They ended up in a clinch late with both landing knees. Calderwood was using leg kicks while Kagan was using counter left-hands.

In the second, Calderwood got a takedown. She went for a kimura, but Kagan got underneath her and and lifted her up to carry on her back. She fell down with her, but Calderwood figure-foured her legs in a reverse triangle position. But Kagan was in more of a north-south position and on top of her.

Winner: Joanne Calderwood by way of majority decision

One judge had it as 19-19 and the other two judges scored it 20-18 for Joanne.

Next week’s fight is Jessica Penne (4) vs Lisa Ellis (13). They fought before and Dana said that Jessica busted her up.

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