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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Pettis Vs Team Melendez – Episode 1

Ultimate Fighter: Team Pettis Vs Team Melendez

It’s the first episode of the all-female season in which the strawweight champion will be determined.

The show has three different titles. You can call it The Ultimate Fighter season 20, The Ultimate Fighter: Team Pettis Vs Team Melendez, or how they want it to be called which I find lame, The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned.

No matter the title, I’m looking forward to watching it. With it being an all-women show, it adds a different dynamic. And with the title being on the line at the end, it seems like the stakes are higher.

Carla Esparza

She’s a self-professed girly girl. She also called herself Cookie Monster. She’s 9-2 and has been fighting since she’s 22. She was Invicta’s strawweight champion before moving to the UFC.

Felice Herrig

She lost her only fight at Invicta. She was apprehensive about joining the show, but Dana’s call re-motivated her. She definitely plays up her sexuality.

Alex Chambers

She’s from Sydney, Australia. Her nickname is Astro-girl. She has a black belt in karate. She won her only fight at Invicta and is 4-1.

Dana said they brought in 8 Invicta fighters and then did a tryout for the other 8 fighters to make up the group of 16 fighters.

Angela Hill

She only has a 1-0 record. She says that she literally lives in the gym in North Carolina, but has less experience than the others.

Heather Clark

Miesha Tate believes she’s going to win it. She helped Miesha train for Ronda Rousey.

Angel Magana

She went to Thailand to train Muay Thai and she moved there. She’s a single mother and her daughter also trains Muay Thai.

Dana and the match makers seeded the fighters 1 through 16, but Anthony Pettis and Gilbert Melendez get a chance to see them before picking them to their teams.

Rose Namajunas

She’s 2-1 in Invicta. She’s also from Milwaukee where the Pettis camp is and has trained with those guys before. Pat Barry is her fiance.

Gilbert was shown as chilled out, getting to know the women. Pettis was shown as intense, trying to get them to choose which team they wanted to be on.

Lisa Ellis

She had a baby and hasn’t fought in 2 years. Her husband was on the TUF season with Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin as coaches.

Since the women were seeded, once Pettis made his pick, Melendez got her opponent.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.13.00 AMThe picks were as follows:

Team Pettis
1. Carla Esparza
14. Randa Markos
2. Joanne Calderwood
10. Alex Chambers
4. Jessica Penne
6. Felice Herrig
9. Justine Kish
5. Aisling Daly

Team Melendez
16. Angela Hill
3. Tecia Torres
15. Emily Kagan
7. Rose Namajunas
13. Lisa Ellis
11. Heather Clark
8. Bec Rawlings
12. Angela Magana

The first fight is Tecia Torres vs Randa Markos as chosen by Team Melendez.

Tecia Torres

Tecia’s mom put her in karate when she was five. She says it kept her on the straight and narrow. She’s undefeated in her MMA career so far.

Randa Markos

She was born in Iraq and her family escaped when she was three. She now lives in Canada. She made the wrestling team when she was 9, but couldn’t do it because her parents didn’t want her to. So the next year, she just didn’t tell them. She works as a pharmacy assistant.

Randa Markos Vs Tecia Torres

Markos wouldn’t let her breathe and was constantly trying to go forward, but Torres was simply too fast. Markos finally got a takedown, but Torres from her back trapped her head with a figure four (trapped her pony tail for some of it) and pounded on her. Markos just had to deal with the irritating strikes from the position.

Markos was relentless again, getting another takedown and this time, didn’t allow Torres to dominate her from the bottom. She got mount late and was pounding on Torres as the bell sounded. She forced a third round.

Markos was too tired to take her down, though she tried. She had to strike with Torres and Torres was too fast. Markos finally got a hold of her and fell to her back, taking Torres down with her. It turned into a pretty crazy wrestling match at the end. Markos had mount again at the bell. That third round was close as hell.

Winner: Randa Markos by way of unanimous decision

Torres mentioned how heavy she was on the top. Melendez says she can’t let herself stay on bottom. Torres says she thought she won the fight, but says Markos deserved her decision.

For next week, Team Pettis selects Joanne Calderwood to face Emily Kagan. Pettis says Calderwood put her hand up before he could finish asking who wanted to fight next.