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Mayhem: Mayweather Vs Maidana 2 Preview

Mayweather vs Maidana 2 preview

Mayweather vs Maidana 2 preview

Four of us break down the Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana fight and give our predictions.

Out of those four, two of us are full-time FGBers — Duan (@duandub) and GG (@roheblius). The other two are boxing aficionado Robert Silva (@ROBERTSILVA5768) and amateur boxer Sarah Gruber (@Its_Sare_Marie).

Harkening back to May 3, 2014, Marcos Maidana gave Floyd Mayweather about all he could handle. It was a fight that was exciting more so because of how close it looked to be than anything else. It wasn’t Mayweather at his best. But it was Maidana as his most aggressive. He chased Mayweather down for the first half of the fight but couldn’t close it down the stretch. Mayweather figured him out about midway through and won the fight, but it was clearly his closest fight since Oscar De La Hoya. We scored it 7-5 in favor of Mayweather.

The question I see most when discussing the fight is not if Maidana necessarily can win, but more so will he be able to continue the same style of the first half of the fight when he was frustrating Mayweather? And if he can, can he keep it up for the entire fight?

On Mayweather’s end, will he be able to figure Maidana out earlier and win easier than he did in May?

We try to answer those questions with our Mayweather Vs Maidana 2 preview.


I have to give Marcos Maidana credit. He fought as well as you can fight a defensive wiz for the first six rounds. Unfortunately for Maidana, the rematch will be more of what occurred in the second half of their first fight; Mayweather landing his accurate right cross all night long and Maidana whiffing at air. In the first fight, I gave Maidana five rounds. This time out, he’ll be lucky to win two rounds.

Pick: Mayweather by lopsided decision


Maidana has stated time and again that he felt he beat Floyd in their first meeting, even though the scorecards disagreed. One can’t help but wonder as the fight comes closer, the training camps end, and the pressure continues to mount, which fighter can handle the Mayhem best? The truth is I think we will see a more confident and hungrier Floyd Mayweather than ever before. I believe the idea of even coming close to losing was enough to bruise Floyd’s cocky spirit and will positively effect his second performance. While I do feel that Maidana will push the pace, I just don’t think he will be able to dominate Floyd with enough pressure and punches throughout all twelve rounds to influence a decision in his favor. I think we could possibly even see a worse performance from El Chino in the rematch as his element of surprise is no longer a factor and he will likely look harder for the knockout this fight. I think Floyd Mayweather returns to his vintage form in which his swift defense, mental toughness and lightning hand speed.

Pick: Mayweather by decision


I think what we saw the first time was Marcos Maidana performing at absolutely 100%. It was an astonishing effort and one that brought him damn close to doing the impossible, but it took everything he had and then some to get there. I’m just not sure there is anything he could do better this time around. He gave the fight of his life and it’s a massive, massive ask of him to produce a second performance like that in a row.

All the advantages this time are with Mayweather. He’s the one with the ability to adapt, he’s the one who did adapt, and he’s the one who finished on the ascendancy. Last time Maidana got the jump on him early, but I don’t see it happening again. The element of surprise is gone. Marcos is going to try and fight the same fight again, only harder. Expect a tactically different fight from Mayweather though; one where he gets dragged into less wars, one where he doesn’t get hit as much, and one where he ultimately frustrates his opponent. I think the choice of referee will aid that strategy – Kenny Bayless is quick on the break. Maidana won’t be given much of an opportunity to rough things up on the inside once Floyd grabs hold.

This is going to be a lot closer to the fight people were expecting first time around. Mayweather boxes within himself and leaves no room for doubt on the cards.

Pick: Mayweather by unanimous decision


People rooting for Maidana have to believe that he can mimic the first half of his first fight with Mayweather. They have to believe that he’ll pressure him enough to reach him and cut him again. They have to believe that he tired out in round seven rather than that Floyd figured him out and this time, Maidana is in good enough shape to not allow that to happen. But what they must truly pray for is that Mayweather gets old right in front of our eyes. If that happens, Maidana has as clear a chance as any to upset Mayweather.

We can predict certain things about fights. We can look at prior battles; watch prior fights. But when an athlete gets older, it usually catches us by surprise. Based on what I’ve seen from Mayweather’s last two fights plus how he looked on All Access, I don’t see him getting old on us just yet. And since I don’t expect that to happen, I don’t expect Maidana to be able to do enough to win the fight. What usually happens the second go-around is that the better fighter is sharper the second time. Mayweather’s the better fighter.

I expect Maidana to give it his all and come out of the fight hoping that he’s the people’s champ. But Mayweather’s never cared much about that part.

Pick: Mayweather by unanimous decision

We’ll have full play by play Saturday for the fight.