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Alberto Del Rio Released From WWE

Alberto Del Rio released

Via WWE.com

According to WWE.com, Alberto Del Rio has been released.

WWE.com reported that Del Rio has been released because of unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.

Literally, it was a one sentence post.

Alberto Del Rio released

There had been backstage gossip over the years concerning Del Rio’s unhappiness with the WWE. On his MLW Radio show, Konna would often talk about how Del Rio was unhappy and wanted out of the company.

Del Rio came into the company hot as a new heel in the vein of a Mexican JBL-like character. He was seemingly brought it to be that Latin babyface that WWE always wants but hasn’t been able to book successfully since Eddie Guerrero (though, they booked Rey Mysterio well in spurts). Every time he was turned babyface, he was flat.

They recently fired Ricardo Rodriguez (aka Jesús Rodriguez) who was a large part of his act when he was hot.

If anymore news comes from this story, we’ll update it.

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