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Video – All Access: Canelo Vs Lara – Epilogue

All Access: Canelo Vs Lara

Showtime put out an epilogue episode of All Access: Canelo Vs Lara.

Overall, I was slightly let down by this All Access series, but I understood some of the hardships involved. Neither guy speaks much english. Neither guy is boisterous in his demeanor outside of some of the things Erislandy Lara says with a straight face. And Canelo carries himself like he’s a 40 year old professor (which I think will eventually work in his factor).

But this epilogue to the series was well shot and well produced, including great slow motion of the in-ring action. It also showed both fighters’ reactions after the fight. Lara was upset and bothered. His trainer said he wasn’t fighting just Canelo, but also the judges, which sounds ridiculous considering Lara won a close scorecard from one judge. Canelo simply expected to win. He’s been there before. He was mature and confident.

Will he ever beat Floyd Mayweather? I don’t know about that. But if he’s going to be the name draw after Floyd, I think boxing will be okay.

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