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The Raw Rerun – John Cena And Roman Reigns Stand Tall

WrestleMania 31 Raw live

Vickie Guerrero is fired

Roman Reigns loves the rocket that WWE has strapped to his back.

John Cena and Roman Reigns stand tall.

All show long, they were setting up the Fatal Fourway match between John Cena, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and Kane at Battleground. Reigns started the show with one of the longer promos he’s ever done and he flubbed a few lines and his cadence was off at times. He still hit a few good lines that popped the crowd like calling Kane Randy Orton’s bitch. And he also riffed off the crowd who were chanting Cena sucks and said that when he’s in the house, Cena does suck.

Kane came out and they brawled, which was pretty awesome. The agents came out to separate them and Reigns pushed Jamie Knoble away and speared Fit Finley out of his shoes. Finley took that spear like the champ he is.

Orton and Kane had a conversation in the back where it seemed the idea was to get over that without Triple H and Stephanie there (on vacation), the Authority isn’t strong. Orton told Kane he’d have his back and Kane would have his, but said it in a super heelish way. I sure hope Kane isn’t turning face anytime soon. Seth Rollins came in with his briefcase and said if either Orton and Kane win at Battleground, he’d have to think twice at cashing in on them, I guess to show solidarity, but still be a dick. When he left, Orton told Kane that he was getting sick of Rollins. And Kane said he was getting sick of Orton.

Rene Young interviewed John Cena who talked about being a target and then Reigns showed up. Reigns wished Cena good luck in his scheduled main event in with Seth Rollins. Cena said he didn’t need luck and called him “homes”. Reigns said he would win the Fatal Four Way and called him “homes” back. It was a much better usage of Reigns which was to let Cena handle most of the promo.

In the main event, Rollins faced Cena in a non-title match which the announcers said could turn into a title match at any point because Rollins can cash-in if Cena’s knocked out cold. Late in the match, Cena had the STF on and Kane and Orton came out to break it up. Reigns came out to help Cena. He takes out Kane and Orton but Rollins dropped him with a briefcase shot and then does the same to Cena. At this point, he’s ready to cash-in, but again Dean Ambrose as promised, breaks it up and doesn’t allow it to happen. Orton looks to creep up on Cena for the RKO, but eats an AA instead. Kane comes at Cena, but Reigns saves Cena.

At that point, it got weird. Reigns raised Cena’s arm up. Then Cena raised Reigns’ arm up. Reigns raised Cena’s arm up again and the crowd booed Cena something fierce. Reigns smiled. And the show went off the air. It made Cena look a little weak, but he can handle it.

Bret Hart is back in Montreal.

Jerry Lawler introduced Bret Hart.

Hart came out to say that no matter what’s happened in Montreal, he’s always happy to be back and if he could have one more match in WWE, it would be in Montreal.

That brought out Damien Sandow who was dressed as Bret Sandhart. He was tremendous as Hart even if he really didn’t look like him. It set up Hart punching him and paving way for Sheamus to beat him up more in the match that followed.

The better Sandow does at this gimmick, the more they make him do it, which means he’s never winning. Poor guy.

And the rest…

– Harper and Rowan beat the Usos in a non-title match in what was their normal really fun TV match. The Usos argued that the Uso that got pinned wasn’t the legal man in the ring.

– Nicki Bella and Alicia Fox had to face each other with their hand tied behind their back. Why did they both have to do it if Nicki was the one being punished by the Authority? Fox never let them tie her hand and she went after Nicki. Oddly, they didn’t DQ her. She threw her normal fit and doused her with Red Bull.

– Rusev beat RVD in a longer than usual match for Rusev. It wasn’t as impressive as normal, but still, beating RVD is a nice next step for him.

– Randy Orton beat Dean Ambrose in a long match. I thought I’d like it much more than I did. It was herky jerky and Ambrose’s style is spurts of energy, which ruined the flow based on Orton’s normal slow and steady pace. It was still good though. Ambrose at a RKO to lose.

– Alberto Del Rio beat Dolph Ziggler while Fandango was ringside. Fandango did a silly dance which threw Ziggler off and allowed Del Rio to kick Ziggler’s head off and win. Layla found Fandango backstage and asked what his motivation was (who asks questions like that?) and Fandango said it was just to get back at Ziggler. Then they embraced. While they were embracing, Summer Rae was in the hall way shaking her money maker while walking and Fandango was confused.

– Chris Jericho beat the Miz and had to tell Bray Wyatt to shut the hell up after Bray showed up in his rocking chair. He even used one of Jericho’s catch phrases. Just turn him babyface already.

– For some reason, AJ Lee and Paige were a tag team and beat Cameron and Naomi. I guess we’re getting a longer Paige turn?

– Kofi Kingston beat Cesaro. Again.

– Bo Dallas beat El Torito.

Final thoughts

Raw wasn’t as noteworthy as last week, but there were some interesting progressions. We’re watching Roman Reigns grow right in front of our eyes. They’re giving him the mega-push. Is he ready for it?

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