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WWE Legends’ House Recap: Season 1 Episode 7

Legends' House recap

We’re catching up quickly. Let’s see what happens. Follow along our Legends’ House recap for episode 7.

The crew of eight were out for breakfast and fully expected to have to do some chore or game, but didn’t have to. But Jimmy Hart did say he’s not a breakfast guy and tried to order some minestrone soup with a wedge of lettuce. The dude is so finicky.

They came back to play a game at the house about how well they knew their roommates. Pat Patterson and Howard Finkel think their going to win.

It was like the Newlywed’s Game except with roommates. Roddy Piper and Hacksaw Jim Duggan are totally cheating. Mean Gene said that Jimmy was cheating too. He said that Jimmy’s mantra was, “Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat.” Jimmy overheard Roddy and Duggan cheating, but said they would play fair.

In the last round, they asked what their roommate couldn’t live without. Piper whispered his answer to Duggan which was wife. Duggan misheard it as life, so they were caught cheating.

Hart and Hillbilly Jim won. Piper confessed to cheating, but figured out that Duggan can’t see well. He’d written the answer on his hand. It was awesome – the best moment on the show. Hart and Hillbilly won tennis lessons.

Piper had to leave to sign autographs and Hacksaw got a bit lonely.

Shawn Michaels walked into the house and told the legends that they’d all go fishing. They caught some bass and cleaned it and cooked it. Jimmy Hart was being annoying and Mean Gene told him he had a phone call in LA and needed to answer it.

Otherwise, slow ending to a great first half.

Overall thoughts: This show featured the best segment of the with Piper and Duggan cheating. The last half, even with HBK, wasn’t much.

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