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WWE Legends’ House Recap: Season 1 Episode 6

Legends' House recap

I’m enjoying Legends’ House more than I thought I would. Check out Legends’ House recap for episode 6.

Jimmy Hart is cleaning out the fridge and most of it is Tony’s food that he cooked. Tony Atlas was pissed. He said he’s an extremest. He’s either extremely horrible or extremely nice.

Three guys in character came into the house and said this was a live action role play or a LARP. Princess Ashley was kidnapped and all they had left was a shoe. Atlas has a foot fetish so he was on it with the heel.

Each guy was given a weapon and some of them were modeled after a characteristic. Mean Gene received something that looked like a huge microphone. Hacksaw Jim Duggan got a 2X4.

The bad guys were more like an army. Well, if an army looked like Adam Rose’s posse.

Tony Atlas was named king for killing the bad guy and saving Ashley officially. Ashley had to walk in a dirt pit in heels which didn’t look fun.

It seems like cooking is a big deal since the show often surrounds the home cooking. Atlas was at it again with the cooking. He cooked meatloaf with green beans and mashed potatoes.

The Fink made margaritas and Mean Gene said that if you’ve never had a great margarita, Fink’s margaritas are great. If you have had a great margarita, they’re dog s***.

Ashley came in and told the guys that as a present for saving her, they were going to get massages.

Mean Gene was in heaven with his massage and has asked the young masseuse if she’d ever had someone reciprocate. She looked very uncomfortable.

Atlas was grumpy because all he wanted was a massage, but it didn’t come until the end.

Overall thoughts: It was one of the more boring episodes of the season as there wasn’t much going on.

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