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Video – 24/7 Cotto Vs Martinez Episode 2

24/7 Cotto Vs Martinez

24/7 Cotto Vs Martinez

The final episode of HBO’s 24/7 Cotto Vs Martinez short two-part series is up.

I loved this episode. Freddie Roach carried it by saying that Sergio Martinez was a very good athlete, but not a good boxer. He made fun of the way Martinez holds his hands and said that Cotto was going to drop him in four. Four?

Pablo Sarmiento couldn’t believe what Roach was saying and reminded everyone that Roach had a shot against Martinez with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and lost.

Cotto’s side was also clearly bothered by the Martinez side saying that Cotto was too old to be taught new things. While Martinez and Cotto themselves never really showed signs of this being any kind of grudge, sans the early Face-Off video that was more about whose name was bigger. Thankfully, their trainers did.

The rest of the episode seemed to be about whether Martinez was healthy or not. He’s going to wear knee sleeves. I wonder if there’s a prop bet about this fight being stopped early because Martinez has knee issues? They couldn’t have been talking about it so much for no reason.

The sell for this fight is simply two really talented fighters who are now bigger names than ever in the sport even with being on the wrong sides of their primes. It still feels big. But it also feels late.

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7 thoughts on “Video – 24/7 Cotto Vs Martinez Episode 2

  1. Great fight tonight my heart is with Cotto. You know I’m a Cotto and Floyd fan gg but my mind tells me there’re weight classes for a reason. Good luck Cotto but I never agreed with the move to Freddie roach, lets hope it doesn’t get Cotto K.O’d

  2. They were hitting on the knee issues more so in the second 24/7. I got a weird feeling after 24/7 it was going to be a big issue and it was. Martinez looked awful. Congrats to Miguel!

  3. I think the knees were fine I thought it was skills and hall of fame status vs mediocre skills late career start and low
    competition level. Cotto is a hall of famer and Martinez is not. That simple.

  4. I think the knees had something to do it. The guy couldn’t pivot or sit on his punches at all. But that’s not taking anything away from Cotto. He was flat out better.

  5. I think with Sergio even being 100% would still show his lack of defensive skill and adaptation. Your right Cotto is just a more better boxer.

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