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The Raw Rerun – Raw Is Jericho

Vickie Guerrero is fired

It was one of the more action-packed Raws of the year and included two stars making their comebacks to TV.

Raw is Jericho.

Raw Is Jericho

Via WWE.com

At the beginning of hour three, the Miz came out. WWE touted that a former champion was coming back and many thought the Miz fit that bill. Earlier in the day, rumors spread that Chris Jericho was actually going to be on the show. To throw people off, Jericho posted a photo to Instagram pretending to be at home with his daughters.

But in fact, he was back. The Miz initially talked about being a movie star and thinking about not coming back to WWE. He said he would main event WrestleMania again. When Jericho was in the ring, he made fun of Jericho’s several comebacks, including the one where Jericho didn’t talk for a couple weeks. Soon enough, he would eat a Codebreaker.

The Wyatt’s music played and the arena went black and all three were in the ring. They jumped Jericho and he ate the Sister Abigail.

The Miz had been a guest on Talk Is Jericho before, so I thought they could do a program between the two of them, but that quickly changed.

Seth Rollins teases cashing in.

Triple H and Stephanie came out to start the show and tried to kiss up to John Cena, the A+ player. Cena wasn’t buying it and wondered why they were so happy when they were so upset last night. In the process, he put over Daniel Bryan better than Daniel Bryan did himself at Money In The Bank.

Stephanie announced that Cena was on the cover of the WWE 2K15 game that comes out in October. Cena was thankful, but saw through it all including speaking in his old Thuganomics John Cena voice. Triple H made fun of him. Triple said they could do it the easy or hard way and Cena said he’s always done it the hard way.

Triple H announced a Fatal Fourway at Battleground with Cena facing Kane, Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns. Stephanie made sure to remind him that he doesn’t have to lose the match to lose the belt. Cena made fun of Stephanie getting tossed into the pudding last week by Vickie Guerrero, but called it poop. So Thuganomics.

Triple H reminded Cena that there’s always a Plan B and Rollins walked out with his briefcase. Rollins faced RVD and beat him with a Curb Stomp. After the match Dean Ambrose warned Rollins that every time he tries to cash in his briefcase, Dean will be there to stop him.

The main event was Cena and Reigns against Orton and Kane. It wasn’t much as Reigns and Orton brawled to the back and Kane was disqualified for hitting Cena in the head with steps. Kane then Tombstoned Cena and Cena was out of it. The doctor came into the ring. Rollins came out to cash in. Triple H told the referee to start the match. Ambrose came in and killed Rollins’ flow. They brawled out of the arena with Kane chasing them.

AJ Lee is the new Divas champion.

Paige came into the ring ready to cut the Alexis Davis promo by telling people she’s not much for words and then the newly married AJ Lee came out. She told Paige that she was too cocky and Paige taught her a lesson. Paige said she wasn’t falling for it and knew AJ was just doing what she did to her on the day after WrestleMania.

Paige said the crowd didn’t want to see a match, which made them cheer hard. So they had a match which AJ won. Paige looked very upset. The crowd loved AJ tonight.

And the rest…

– Lana and Rusev were out running down the Americans when the Real American, Jack Swagger came out. Zeb Colter cut quite the promo and turned both men babyface. Big D and I discussed this exact match on the FGB Radio Money In The Bank recap show.

– The Wyatts beat Sheamus and the Usos after a mean clothesline. It was the normal good stuff.

– Stephanie booked the Bellas vs. the Funkadactyls, but then remembered that Brie was fired, so instead it was a handicap match which Naomi and Cameron easily won. But they teased fighting each other after Naomi tagged herself in to get the win.

– Bo Dallas did a full 60 seconds of silence for Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett.

– Barrett is going to be out for a bit so his Intercontinental title will be up for grabs in a battle royal at Battleground. Paul Heyman announced that Cesaro is going to be the first entrant.

– Cesaro lost to Kofi Kingston, but it was shown on the app during commercial. Cesaro flipped.

– Damien Sandow dressed up as Vince McMahon. McMahondow said Sandow would be in the battle royal and win it. Stephanie put McMahondow in a match with another battle royal participant named the Great Khali. Khali beat him in seconds.

– Dolph Ziggler beat Fandango after Summer Rae came into the ring to make out with Ziggler which upset Fandango.

– Goldust and Stardust beat Rybaxel again.

Final thoughts

The show definitely seemed like a big deal tonight. How long will Jericho stick around?

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