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HBO Boxing: Provodnikov Vs Algieri Play By Play

Provodnikov Vs Algieri play by play

Provodnikov Vs Algieri play by play

The Siberian Rocky is back on your television, so just enjoy it. Check out our Provodnikov vs Algieri play by play.

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Ruslan Provodnikov Vs Chris Algieri


Algieri started nicely staying busy with the jab and using his reach advantage. Provodnikov got inside and went right to the body. He threw a left hook that put Algieri down. He followed up and overwhelmed Algieri who took a knee. 10-7 from Provodnikov and Algieri’s right eye is very swollen.


Algieri looked much better and moved a lot better. He landed more punches, even though Provodnikov smiled through all of them. Provodnikov landed the heavier shots, but Algieri probably wins the round.


Provodnikov landed some vicious left hooks to the head. Algieri’s eye is going to close soon. It already looks terrible. If Algieri had any power whatsoever, he’d still be in this fight, but Provodnikov is walking through his punches.


I have Algieri winning a second round. I thought this was his best round of the fight. He still got hit with the left hook, but not as often. And he really controlled Provodnikov. I’m not sure he can keep the pace up, but he’s doing a good job after getting knocked down twice in the first.


I had Algieri winning the round until the end when he took a tremendous left hook that wobbled him and might’ve been his downfall if the round didn’t end. Algieri is fun to watch and he’s making Provodnikov work.


Algier’s still landed more shots, but he looks to be getting tired. Provnikov landed the left hook again and the end looks to be coming for Algieri’s right eye. The punch stats will show differently, but I think this was a good round for Provodnikov.


Provodnikov is not only landing the left hook, but he’s also landing a straight right hand. Algieri is giving him all he has and I think he may have more rounds on some scorecards than even the two I’ve given him so far.


I leaned toward Algieri in that round. It wasn’t one of his better rounds offensively, but defensively he stayed away from all the big punches. Provodnikov seemed a bit off-kilter that round, including being knocked off-balance by a left jab.


I thought Provodnikov came back with some thunder that round. Algieri needs to really be impressive these last few rounds and in the 9th, he seemed to slow down a bit. Even the punches that do land some time look like pushes.


That round was pretty close, but I think Provodnikov did enough to win the round. The fight is slowing down in these later rounds. Algieri’s right eye is just about closed. Provodnikov is definitely more fatigued.


That was another hard round to score. There’s been about four of those so far that makes this fight a bit difficult to score. Provodinikov landed the left hook again. Freddie Roach wants him to go for the knockout as he thinks the fight is close. Andre Ward thinks Algieri is actually winning.


This was Provodnikov’s best round in a while when it came to cornering off Algieri in the round. Algieri did a great job moving in general, but he was cut off a lot more in this round. Both men closed well, but when it came to both landing left hooks at the same time, Algieri bounced while Provodnikov didn’t move.

I have the fight as 117-109 for Provodnikov, but I wouldn’t be surprised at an array of scorecards here.

Winner: Chris Algieri by way of split decision

The scores were 117-109 for Provodnikov, 114-112 for Algieri, and 114-112 for Algieri.

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